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Conflict in An Inspector Calls Essay



Conflict has many causes and consequences and in JB Priestleys play An Inspector Calls they are shown through the character of the inspector telling the responder that without a resolution it can and will lead to a social revolution. The causes and consequences are also shown in in the ghetto by stating that ultimately the consequence of conflict is death and in Buddha Saw by telling us the cause of conflict can be put down to the injustice and mistreatment of society. In An Inspector Calls Priestley shows us that the cause of conflict is put down to the injustice of the higher class mistreating the lower class. One of the examples of this in An Inspector Calls is shown through the mistreatment of Eva Smith in her positions at both Mr Birlings factory and her job at Milwards store. At Mr Birlings factory she was dismissed due to wanting more money than the average wage of that time as women were cheap labour. Mr Birling thought that if you dont come down sharply on these people such as Eva smith theyd soon be asking for the earth Thoughts like these can be a major cause of conflict throughout society. Sheila Birling had Eva Smith fired from her job at Milwards department store because she Eva was pretty and I Sheila was mad after this Eva Smith was unable to get another job and had to find ways of making money which led to her relationships with Gerald Croft and Eric Birling.

Another cause of conflict in Priestleys play is through Eva Smiths relationships, firstly with Gerald Croft and his mistreatment of her through keeping her as a kept woman and dumping her when she wasnt needed. And then Eric Birling was threatening her as if she didnt matter leading to the violence, pregnancy and ultimately her death. Eva Smith because of her gender and social status was used as a sexual toy. Gerald Croft used her until she wasnt needed, she lived economically on what I allowed her until like a toy she was discarded. Eric used her on a drunken night out when he was looking for a bit of fun I was in that state when a chap can easily turn nasty. Because of her gender she had no choice but to give in which caused her pregnancy.

Throughout J.B Priestleys play An Inspector Calls there are many causes and consequences of social conflict without this play I would not be able to be understand that there are many causes of social conflict and that without a solution the main consequence will be fire, blood and anguish which could in turn lead to a social revolution. The point Priestley is trying to make through the Inspector is that no matter what social group you come from, how old you are or what gender you are you should still be treated the same and if society as a whole had the same idea it would be a better world to live in.

Sir Edwin Arnolds poem Buddha Saw also shows us the causes and consequences of conflict and how widespread conflict is. Arnold uses imagery, rhetorical questions and symbolism to help point out the circumstances that create conflict in the world and how that conflict might be resolved.

This poem helps us to better understand that social conflict is conflict on a grand scale. The opening stanza emphasizes how pervasive social conflict appears to be to the prince. Arnold metaphorically refers to society as a rose and the prince recognises the widespread conflict as thorns

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