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Analytical Essay on The Great Gatsby Essay


In the book the Great Gatsby, only few characters understand what the real American Dream is. The ideal American Dream, in this book has been replaced by materialism and greed. What does the American Dream mean? What does it stand for? If people have everything handed down to them their entire life and wants nothing more how does that person go about life? The American Dream is the vision to be successful and to provide from and family and most of all society as well in the best way you can accomplish. Not in this book that is not the case in East Egg or West Egg money is what makes there world go round.

In the book the Great Gatsby there are many characters with money. Many people of which mistake their given money for accomplishment and confidence and most of all confused with the mansions, jewelry, fancy cars and clothes, however they still have no idea of real success in life. Therefore materialism and greed become pursued. The characters such as Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson have all misplaced the American Dream with materialism and greed. Tom Buchanan has replaced the American Dream with materialism and greed. He does absolutely nothing all day he Hardly works for a living and which having an affair that takes up most of his time. Even though he has his wife Daisy sitting in his huge mansion alone with his daughter which he barley sees on a daily bases. He as well has an Affair with a woman named Myrtle Wilson imagine that. A woman who has no feeling or care for anybody but herself and only cares about living the highlife rather than living real life in reality. She only lives for Toms extravagant gifts and take her as his number one priority.

Another character that takes this material life for granted is Jay Gatsby and his obsession with materialism and greed is somewhat different from others in the novel. Gatsby had an overwhelming love for Daisy who is Tom Buchanans wife. He felt so in love that his greedy mind overcame his actions. He began buying jewelry, furniture, clothes, automobiles and mansions to buy her love. And soon found him in tremendous debt but all to impress the one he lost five years ago and that was daisy. Daisy is a unsteady women. She too was obsessed with material items. Her life was based on money and lies. As Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story implied, Her voice is full of money(Fitzgerald 32). She wouldnt dare marry a poor man she expresses though out the book.

If Gatsby werent rich, would she still love him as much as she does now, since he does have money? When Gatsby proposed to Daisy she wasnt thinking about Toms reaction or the daughter of his child? All she could think about herself and how glorious it would be to live with a man with that much power and money. All of the Characters in the novel live in an illusion that their lives are simply based on what they constantly have and that is not each other. Basically to all in the novel all that matters is the high life is the life, without it youre nothing and youre not important. The problem with the characters is that they want more and dont understand what appreciation they should have for everything in front of them already. They see nothing wrong with wanting to achieve more. There is nothing wrong with wanting more. That is what the American Dream stands for wanting the best. But there becomes a fine line between wanting and greed. When people want and take things we dont need just to have it. All of the characters mentioned in the novel have strict obligations with wanting the best in life and wont take no for an answer.

If the characters in The Great Gatsby took more securities with their lives and money and what they want the society more seriously then their lives wouldnt be so corrupt and mislead. If the characters in the story stuck to the real idealistic grasp of the American Dream really is, the outcomes of their lives wouldnt have been so tragic in the end. Therefore, if Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson followed their dreams positively they might have lived happier and maybe in harmony.

Theme: Corrupted influence of wealth has no value or purpose in Life.

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