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Analysis of The Great Gatsby Essay


An Interpretation of The Great Jay Gatsby

As many authors tend to do, symbolism is used a great deal in this work. In F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel, The Great Gatsby, this no exception. The author dramatically employs significant symbols in this novel such as the color green , the color white, and Gatsby himself.

Gatsby himself is a reoccurring symbol is Gatsby himself and his representation of an idealistic dream. Gatsby tries to relive the past by chasing after the golden girl he believes (based on the past) will complete him. Gatsby says, cant repeat the past?Why of course you can. (116). Gatsbys life is dedicated to recapturing Daisy and the love that they once shared. Gatsby cares not about the possible or moral right, but instead focuses o his idyllic version of life with Daisy. Gatsbys unattainable goals and his cold-blooded murder symbolize the nave desire to capture the past.

The color green was the symbol for hope. Myrtle was run down by a light green car, when this happens all hope is lost. The color green enters as hope and exits as murder. The green light is a multi-faceted piece of symbolism in the book. Its most obvious interpretation is symbolic Gatsbys longing for Daisy, but that is too simplistic. Daisy is part of it, but the green light means so much more. Gatsby has spent his whole life longing for something better like money, success, acceptance, and Daisy. No matter how much he has he never feels complete. Even when he has his large house full of interesting people and all of their attention. Anyhow he gives big parties. Theyre so intimate. At small parties there is no privacy. (49). He created in his dream for the future a place for her, and he will not be content to have that gaping hole. The green light shines from East Egg enticing Gatsby towards what he has always wanted. Daisy the woman that he has always wanted, lives in East Egg. Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. (180). When Nick talks about the green light at the end of the book he says, It eludes us then, but thats no matter,- tomorrow we run faster, stretch our arms out further . He connects the green light to all people. Everyone has something that they long and search for that is just off in the distance. That is the green light.

The color white is a main theme of the Great Gatsby because it represents the light in Gatsbys heart. Gatsby is the ultimate symbol of light because he gave his life to protect the secret of Daisy slaughtering Myrtle. In the beginning, the rich characters were wearing and surrounded by white. The poorer areas are in the valley of ashes giving the area a portrayal grime and nothingness, a valley of ashes- a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens. (23).Jay Gatsbys house is white and he is always wearing it. Daisy wears white also and her name is taken from a white flower. Daisies are also youthful and immature.

The demise of Gatsby shows the dark cruelties and a how far a person is willing to go and stick up for the one that they love. When Gatsby dies, all hope is one. His whole life throughout the story is represented by symbols and happy people. Gatsby is the ultimate symbol of light. He truly loved Daisy.

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