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Analysis of A Noiseless Patient Spider Essay


The topic of this poem is to explore the inner soul by ourselves. The poet talked to his soul and compared to a diligent spider which was spinning tirelessly. For me, its a poem which is used to improve peoples spiritual status. It can help us to have further understanding of ourselves. As a saying goes, Before someone loves you, you must understand and love yourself. The poem is just like an access to your mind and helps you know more about your mind.

In this poem, the poet used some techniques. For example, in the second line, a little promontory means not only the capes, but also represents the branchlets where the spider shinned on. The poet further used metaphor in third line. He regarded the brancklets as an unmeasured world for the spider, and the spider needed to explore it by itself. Then the spider began to launch forth filament. The poet repeated filament three times because not only he wanted to emphasize on the spirit of the spider: perseverance, but also implied how anxious the poet was to seek union in his mind. Never give up and continue spinning are just like explore inner mind and never end. The tone of O my soul which was sighing with emotion to poets soul is some kind of encouraging and cheering up his mind. The vacant vast surrounding and Measureless oceans of space are corresponsive. Both of them mean the area the soul has to explore is too immense, just like expansive and broad space. The poet talked to his soul should be like the spider to connect his mind and outer environment, just like forming a bridge. Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them and Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres actually expressed the same idea in different words. Make your mind ductile like the gossamer being flung means you should open your mind and explore not only in your mind, but also out of the mind. The goal of the spider is to spin a web, and the goal in poets mind is to achieve a spiritual union. Its much different between the spider and poet, but the similarity between them is the insistent attitude.

In my opinion, a noiseless patient spider is an image for each freshman in college. Because freshmen just begin their college life and they arent familiar with the courses and the environment, etc, they have to explore those new things on their own and strike a balance between their past life and now. To be honest, the poem gives me a great of inspiration. Through the spider indicates that although the power isnt strong enough, I still can achieve my goal as long as I make much more efforts. I dont have to set up a goal too far to reach for myself, although the goal is merely a slight matter, I should still do my best to achieve it.

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