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A Review Of Elie Wiesel's Night Essay


A Review of Night By Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, a Nobel Prize winner, and an acclaimed author, is, behind all of the titles and accomplishments, a regular human just like everyone else. His experiences from the Holocaust separate him from the rest of us; however, it is through these experiences he is able to love fellow humans without condition. He has gone through much more suffering than the majority of us will ever know, and yet we cannot come to enjoy life on a daily basis quite like Elie Wiesel. From his knowledge and experiences, which have been illustrated in his novel Night, we can learn to enjoy life and persevere through hardship.

Due to my lack of experiences with oppression, I cannot relate to Elie Wiesels situation. But, from his works I find myself looking through different lenses at my life. Elie Wiesel went through a time of darkness and despair; these events (pre and post Holocaust) changed his life forever. He entered the concentration camp of Auschwitz- Birkenau at the age of fifteen, the age I am now. At this point in life he was immediately introduced to oppression by the Nazis at the camp and was exposed to the horrid murders of the members of his community. Living in a different era, I do not see my friends, family, teachers, and loved ones dying pointlessly. Yet on multiple accounts I see myself fed up with my life, considering it monotonous and pointless. But after reading through the first few chapters of Night I find my self immediately thinking: Who am I to throw away a life so comfortable and pleasant? Elie Wiesel went through an unimaginably horrendous experience only to come out alive and thankful to God for granting him his life. After reading about his humanitarian works I am inspired to do something for the world.

Elie Wiesel is a compelling orator and addresses worldwide issues such as the genocide in Rwanda, the atrocities in Sudan, and the ravaging of countries due to petty political discrepancies. He has filled his life with accomplishments; he has never let his Holocaust experience hold him back; instead he uses his experience to compel leaders of countries to sympathize with the victims of genocide and oppression. Through all of this he maintains a humble lifestyle and preaches peace. He concerns himself with the well being of others. This man is ordinary but was put through extreme circumstances, yet he has done so much good for the world. If every human were able to muster a shred of compassion for each other or do at least a fraction of what Elie Wiesel has done in his life, not only would we achieve so much as a people, but as a race we would reach our epoch of ingenuity.

After reading Night and researching Elie Wiesels life and accomplishments, I am struck in awe to how one man can go through such an experience and come out and talk about it. But this man, this human, made it out of the Holocaust and fought for humanity. We as regular people, with ample resources, should look at this mans journey with reverence and use his life as an example for future generations. The effect of Night on me was so profound, that I feel it is necessary for me to pursue my dreams to the fullest and give to others in need. The message Elie Wiesel sends through his interviews is a message of compassion towards others and for humans to empathize with each other so another Holocaust does not occur. Elie Wiesel came out of the dark pit that is the Holocaust and brought humankind a story of hope, perseverance, and strength. This message is the strength we need now more the ever to pull ourselves out from out current state.

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