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A Shift in Act III of A Doll's House Essay


The shift in Act 3 is way too sudden to be realistic. Act 3 starts off by seeming fairly normal to realism. About half way through Act 3, Nora actually starts voicing her feelings by saying, Sit down. Its going to take a long time. Ive a lot to say to you. (Page 320). As they sit down to have a real and serious conversation for the first time in eight years, it is apparent that Nora has really changed. Almost as if she has gone off the deep end. A mother/wife does not need to up and leave everything in the house and start over in life. It is completely understandable how Nora feels like a doll in this house. Nora feeling like a doll is no reason to up and leave her children, since they are her responsibility. In this situation Nora is portraying selfishness. The blackmail started three days ago causing the sudden change in Noras actions. Yes, this has been going on for eight years, but the forgery incident being revealed is what made Nora reach her breaking point. Now if this change had been coming for months or years it would be closer to realism. Nora could have helped her sudden reaction if she was more open and honest long ago.

Helmer is still trying to convince Nora that she is not able to make it in the real world and that she is just acting on a whim when he says, Nora, youre ill; youre feverish. I almost believe youre out of your mind. (Page 322). Nora then says to Helmer, Ive never felt so sane and sure in my life. (Page 322). What is she so sure of? Yes, she should be sure that she does not want her husband to treat her like a doll and she should be sure that she wants to be taken serious as a wife in her own house. It is absurd for Nora to be so sure that she will be taken serious in life for up and leaving her husband along with the children. Nora is not sane. It is not sane to decide during a stressing moment to run away from ones life when knowing nothing about the real world. Realism would have been shown better in the end if Helmer and Nora could have had the same serious talk, only instead, to end with her feeling more satisfied. Nora feeling more satisfied with her role in this house would have kept her from going off the deep end. Helmer should have made her feel more like an adult. He should not have made her feel as if she is one of the children. If Nora and Helmer had this serious conversation a year ago or even still now as they do in Act 3, the outcome would be different. Nora might have stayed with her husband and children and maybe Helmer would have changed the way he treated her. In the end, there would be no more Dolls in this house.

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