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A Doll's House Compared to The Great Gatsby Essay


Do you think love is the most important thing in your life? Some one might think love is important but not the most important. However, there are two people, Nora and Gatsby treating love as their most important things in the lives. Even though they have similar experience about love, Nora is more sympathetic because she is brave, kind, and innocent.

Gatsby is less sympathetic than Nora. Firstly, he is unrealistic. In the novel, "The Great Gatsby", Gatsby is a rich, tall, strong, and handsome single man. Most importantly, he has a dream. His dream is to get Daisy back. He earns a lot of money in five years. However, he does illegal business, and he is a bootlegger. He holds parties every week. He does all of these things because he wants to get Daisy's attention. He believes Daisy will come back when he has money. He thinks he can repeat the past. However, we know repeating the past is impossible. This shows that he is an unrealistic person. Also, he is very naive. After the car accident happens, he stands outside Daisy's house to watch Daisy because he worries Tom will do some bad things to her. In fact, meanwhile, Daisy and Tom are planning to have a vocation inside the house. What's more, Gatsby always pretends he is old money because he thinks old money is higher class than new money. He tells Nick that his family is a rich family, and he is well educated. He lies to everybody because he lacks confidence. He buys a beautiful big house and an expensive car. He wants to tell Daisy he is rich and he has the power to give her happiness. We can see even though he is rich, he still is an unconfident man. In addition, he is very stubborn. After the car accident happens, Nick urges him to leave. However, he thinks he can't leave Daisy. He has to stay to protect Daisy. He wants to take all the responsibility for Daisy. We can imagine if he left at that time, he would not be killed, and his whole life will become huge different. Most importantly, Gatsby doesn't really love Daisy; he just wants to protect his dream. He does a lot for Daisy even dies for her. This seems that he loves Daisy very much. However, actually, he just wants to keeps his dream. At that time, everybody has an American dream. They believe everything is possible in America. In the novel, the green light is a symbol of Gatsby's American dream. He treats his dream as a treasure. He can not accept that his dream is destroyed. Gatsby is unrealistic, unconfident and stubborn; therefore, he is less sympathetic than Nora.

Nora is more sympathetic than Gatsby. Firstly, she is brave. At that time, women and men are not equal. Women don't have as much power as men. Women can not borrow money without their husbands' permission. However, Nora forges her father's name to borrow money to save her husband's live. She is a house wife, and she doesn't have a job; therefore, this is very hard for her to give the money back. She doesn't buy expensive clothes because she wants to try her best to save the money. She doesn't tell Torvald because she wants him to feel that he is the leader of the money. Also, she has a dream too. In her mind, there is a wonderful thing. She wants to know Torvald can die and take all the responsibility for her. However, she is wrong. Her husband just treats her as a doll, and he doesn't care about her at all. He just wants to keep his honor. When Nora knows the truth, she is very brave. Even though living alone is very difficult for women, she still decides to leave Torvald. What's more, she has a kind heart. Even though she has not seen Mrs. Linde for a long time, Nora still helps her without hesitating. If she didn't help Mrs. Linde, Mrs. Linde would not replace Krogstad's position, and Krogstad would not blackmail Nora. Therefore, Nora is very kind. Moreover, Nora is very innocent. When she was blackmailed by Krogstad, she wants to ask Doctor Rink for help. However, when she knows Doctor Rank loves her, she doesn't want to receive his help. This shows that she won't use her friend. She won't cheat and really loves her husband. Nora is a good wife, good friend, and good woman; therefore she is more sympathetic than Gatsby.

To sum up, Nora is more sympathetic than Gatsby because she is brave, kind and innocent. Dying for lovers is very romantic. However, I will choose to live better for the people I love.

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