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Commentary on A Child Called It Essay


A Child Called It

In the book A Child Called it, the book is about a boy named Dave who lives his life being beaten and played games to. When he was four he was a happy four year old. His mother started drinking and everything went down hill from there. She became depressed and took it out on David. Shortly after, Officials at school started worrying about this young boy. The school consular called him in and she had suspicion of all his excuses of being late and the cuts and bruises on him. They finally had a talk with his mom and she said nothing was wrong and that he was lying and not to believe him. Dave lived with his two brothers who were part of the family unlike himself. He was forced to do whatever his mom said. She even threatened to kill him and accidentally stabbed him with a knife. She would make him eat ammonia and baby poop. Dave doesnt get food, so when he was in elementary school and all the kids were outside he would steal there lunches. He soon got caught. Dave would leave recess to steal food from grocery stores. He would also steal frozen food from trays from the school cafeteria when his mother was starving him. Dave was forced to sleep in the basement.

Dave thought that he always had his dad on his side but in the middle of the book he started listing to what the mom said. He wasnt on Davids side anymore. One day after Dave was stabbed with the knife his mom started being nice to him. She let him go outside and play with sparklers with his brothers. He was wondering if he was going to be able to be apart of the family again. Maybe he wouldnt have to sleep in an army cot in the basement anymore. Maybe he wouldnt have to be mommys it and her slave. When he thought there was going to have a change in his life, the next day when he woke up with blood all over him she still told him to get washed up and do the chores. His mom was being nice to him because a social worker had talked to his mom, and she came an observed their house when she was being really nice to him.

David had to go threw stuff that not other kid should have to go threw. His was his moms slave not her baby. She would make him do everything she wouldnt want to do. She beat him everyday, and nobody in his family even cared or did anything about it.

Some Characters in A Child Called it is Daves mom. She is a selfish woman who doesnt realize how her actions are affecting Daves life. She has three kids, and she is married. Dave is a little boy who has to deal with extreme measures at his house. It is amazing that he can come out of all he has been threw and comes out when he is older to be a really good author.

I think that A Child Called It is a really amazing book. It taught me so much on how privileged I am to have the life I have at home. It also taught me that people have to hide things like being beat, and it happens to more people than you think. Dave survived an incredible journey no matter what his mother did to him, he made it out. The way Dave survived was finding ways to get food even though it was stealing. Dave really had no other choice, his own mother was starving him only for her personal excitement. His only way to get away from his own mom was going to school. He was required to run there and back to avoid and trouble he could get in. This was one of the only places Dave could find food; even though it was frozen he would eat anything. His favorite part was when they traveled to the Russian River. He felt that he could get away here, and it was something he could enjoy in his life.

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