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Commentary on Child Abuse in A Child Called It Essay


this is a paper written for an 8th grade English class about the book, A Child Called "IT", by David Pelzer

The Child called IT

The Child called IT is based on a true unbelievable story about a helpless child getting badly abused by his mother. Child abuse is all around the world that effect many people. There are many types of abuse that cause kids to suffer. The worldwide suffer can end with people helping children and abuse prevention programs. Simple things can help kids in need of help.

Child abuse is physically, emotionally and sexual mistreating under aged kids. Many kinds of abuse occur such as, physical, emotional, sexual, and also neglecting. David had many of these forms of abuse including, physical. For instance David has gotten stabbed by his mother, pushed and shoved to the cabinets and his shoulder got badly hurt. Another painful experience was when he was locked in the bathroom acting like a gas chamber. She also emotional puts him down thinking that he is not worthy and doesnt deserve to eat, change clothes and etc. David doesnt deserve the amount of abuse received from his mother, he doesnt deserve it at all. People should put and end to the torture gone through with this little boy.

Many ways to end this torture is to just prevent it. The government should make strict laws, not allowing people to get abused. The past generations have not been this strict because people thought that abuse to children made them better and responsible. This generation demands no child abuse at all, if people as saw, heard it, suspects can get pressed with charges or jailed in prison for more than 5- 16 years depending on problem. In the past adults in schools, public facilities, and etc. they didnt care if a child gets abused, in the present people care strongly to what happens to kids. If people didnt care, for example, Davids school officials David would still have gotten abused everyday and that can cause many consequences.

Past and present changes effect lives of many people, such as David. Child abuse should get stopped and we the people should also contribute by noticing out for any abused kids. David has gone through so much and he was determined to survive all the way through.

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