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Mistakes in A Dolls House Essay


Several make drastic mistakes that either mess up ones life or mess up someone elses. In the play A Dolls House by Henrik Ilbsen portraits a story filled of lies, scarifies, and love. A story with a big secret that saves a family but in the end destroys the family. In A Dolls House a good action from the wife is seen as dishonest since the husband cannot see the big picture and ultimate loses the opportunity to perform the miracle to save his marriage.

In past years, mostly seen in the Hispanic culture of husbands over powering there wifes at home. In Spanish its called Machista which is translated to male chauvinist a role which women are thrown into not be choice. Women would just stay home and not worry about anything else but the kids. Women are not involved in any decision making at home and everything revolves around the husband. Whatever makes the husband happy. One may think that this male chauvinist only happen years ago to ones grandparents era but people are mistaken. In present day in Hispanic countries this male chauvinist still lives on.

Thats why I believe this play will fit perfectly for modern day today in Monterey, Mexico. A city and a country filled with male chauvinist like Torvald Helmer. The play would take place in December of 2010 when the whole city is busy in spending money for Christmas. My actors would be Antonio Banderas as Torvald Helmer and Salma Hayek as Nora for their strong Hispanic accent and looks. Antonio Banderas has a really good serious and playful side in acting and is just right for the part of Torvald. Salma Hayek is a beautiful actress and wanted the audience to see why Tovarld is so in love with her and why Dr. Rank has been in love with her for a long time. Salma Hayek is the ideal role for Nora.

The action would take place in the family room, elegantly and expensively furnished. On the back wall, one door in the center which leads to the main entrance hall and beside the door both walls have built in book selves. On the right wall near the windows are two couches and between the windows there is a piano. Next to the piano there is a small table and behind the table there is a door to Helmers office. The left wall has paintings of ancient Mexico and there tradition. A wide room with dim lighting that represents calmness and peacefulness in the set. A room meant for quietness and relaxing by reading, studying or playing the piano but it ends up to be a room full of drama.

There are many important scenes in A Dolls House but two catch my attention and would direct these scenes differently. The scene I would change first would be when Helmer confronts Nora about her loan and forgery. The scene in the book canvas them saying goodnight and Helmer going into his study room to read his letters. In 2010 I would have Tovald and Nora saying good night in bed with a lamp light on and his letters in the night stand next to him. Helmer starts reading his letters and Nora in bed scared and nervous decides to leave downstairs to the family room. In the family room she is walking back and forth thinking of what is Helmer going to do. In a frighten manner Nora hears a loud scream NORA! Nora turns on the lamp and Helmer walks down the stairs and finds Nora crying. The book has Helmer being physical with Nora but in my play I will have more physical abuse because most Hispanics are that way. There will be threats from Helmer of killing her and pushing her against the wall. Noras attitude would be more out spoken then the book. On page 222 Nora states Yes I know, Let me go!, Let me go! In 2010 with that same statement Nora would have more fire in her because she has realized that her miracle is not coming true. Some people in the audience will relate with the abuse and will be on Noras side for her to stand strong against Helmer. Nora would continue to push Helmer around and try to run but Helmer would just grab her and continue yelling at her until the maid walks in with the note. The book and my play has the same concept of the scene but now in present times people especially Hispanics are very dramatic and will take a argument to an extreme.

Good decisions are usually made with time and a lot of though. Nora in opinion made a bad emotional decision in leaving the way she did at the end of the play but was the best in her eyes in that moment. This scene at the end of the play I would directed differently but still the same outcome. After Nora says she is leaving, Helmer states May I write to you, Nora? In this society a man in love will not say that comment because he will beg and beg. In 2010 I would have Helmer begging and begging to the point that he gets on his knees and grabs her legs and begs her to stay. Antonio Banderas will be crying tears falling down his cheeks saying that he is sorry. In the play never once did Helmer mention to Nora I am sorry; he said Nora, is there no way we might bridge it? Helmer in the book did not seem to be hurt as much about the news that she was leaving him. In 2010 Helmer will be apologizing and saying everything he can to convince Nora that he will be a better man moving forward. I want the audience to feel the damage of that one mistake that wounded Nora to the core, to feel the pain of Helmer losing his love of his life in front of his eyes. Ultimately at the end of my play Norm is at the door and puts her coat on and says thanks to you I will never believe in miracles, Goodbye! Norm walks out and Helmer is at the door falls on his knees and crys.

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