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Access to Science in Brave New World Essay


What would the world be like if only a select few were accessible to scientific research? Mustapha Mond, the leader in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley controlled a society where science is only available to a select few because of the danger that science comes with. Although science has its benefits, those advantages also come with several major risks that could be tragic to the human population if you dont use power and control the keep science sacred and in order.

Without the control of science, humans would have the access to man scientific experiments such as cloning. Although scientists cause debate that cloning has its advantages, the risks outweigh opportunity by a landslide. Cloning is morally and reasonable wrong. By replicating humans you diminish the sense of uniqueness of an individual (reproductive cloning arguments). In our society individualism is looked up upon and when we start to clone, individualism vanishes. No matter how I am I would rather be myself. Myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly" (Aldous Huxley). Its a [violation of]human individuality and freedom (reproductive cloning arguments). The feeling of missing a loved one that passed away is natural. Selfishness doesnt make anything right especially to clone someone that died for your own self. Death is part of the circle of life and is unethical to disrupt the natural way of life because of selfish pleasure.

Not only is cloning morally upsetting, the statistical and is inherently unsafe. Trial and error is not something you risk when dealing with human lives because of cloning. 95% of mammalian cloning experiments have resulted in failures (reproductive cloning arguments) and for the many years that scientists have been researching and testing, the success rate continues to be almost nonexistent. The procedures of cloning can trigger cancerous growth (Time Magazine) and for scientists trying to clone for a positive result are only continually receiving negative ones. For all the controversy that cloning creates, the consistent failure of something non beneficial isnt worth it.

Some scientists and people believe that the cloning on super foods and crops could benefit not only us but the entire world. There are 925 million hungry people in the world ( and society believes that if we produce well grown super genetic gene crops then we could feed all of civilization and all of starvation would be gone. People are blind sighted, only thinking one way and not open minded. All they see are malnutrition and starvation, saying that we do not have enough food in the world to feed everyone, so cloning crops would solve all of that; when in fact they are completely wrong. The world produces more than enough food to feed the entire world. Its not the production of the crops that cause people to go hungry, but the distribution of the crops that create the starvation in the world. Cloning crops would be unnatural and cause super crops that we cannot control but mainly it would be a complete waste of time and energy. There is no point to clone crops when the problems we want to solve for it are nonexistent.

Even though there are many disadvantages to scientific study, it isnt completely bad. I think science could also become a benefit to society if it is under surveillance so that it doesnt become larger than it is designed to be. Scientific study is helpful to have when you have trying to find a cure for a disease. Without science it would be impossible to treat sicknesses and have antibiotics because those all need research of scientists. There are over 1 million cures in the world today, which without them millions would have died. Science is a tool for problem solving and is part of our everyday lives (universe today), you can hardly go anywhere or do anything where science doesnt influence it. Education is highly important in the world, and is often told that if you want to go anywhere in life you have to be educated. Science has to be a resource for education instead of the burden of being afraid what will happen because we are scared. But with education comes opportunity and with opportunity causes endless dangerous applications of technology that could be prescribed (Reproductive Cloning Arguments). One person or group cannot control the access of knowledge that society has and cannot control the level of science that chose to create and experiment.

The energy we use to study and understand cloning continues to be pointless for all the negative results we repeatedly receive. Besides small amount of successes and the moral aspect of education, science is a losing game. When you open science up to everybody, it is hard to restrict the experiments that are being tested. Science creates open doors for dangerous and dangerous out of proportion technology and substances.

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