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Loe and Enemies in Cyrano De Bergerac Essay


Cyrano de Bergerac is a story of a man named Cyrano de Bergerac and his problems with love and enemies. Cyrano is undoubtedly the hero in this novel but he is certainly not the only character in the story that possesses heroic characteristics. A man by the name of Baron Christian de Neuvillette took the role as the romantic lover and handsome warrior in the novel. He was referred to as simply Christian and is introduced in the story when he enters an auditorium with another man to watch a show.

Christian seems to have noble characteristics as well as some nerve, when he insults Cyranos nose. While he is sitting in the auditorium, Christian explains to his peers about his mad love for beautiful women named Roxanne, a girl the Cyrano also has a great affection for. (Core 2) When Christian did insult Cyranos nose, most people did expect for Cyrano to storm into rage and harm Christian but Cyrano had been told by Roxanne to protect Christian because she had feelings for him too. Cyrano agreed easily. Christians heroic characteristics begin to show. Although he is completely untalented and lacking charm, he is very handsome and extremely attractive. Like most heroes the girl falls completely head over heals for him. If only he hadnt insulted Cyrano, he would have been basically pure throughout the entire novel. (Core 5)

Christian also has great feelings for Roxanne and wants to impress her ever so much. The problem is Roxanne likes intellectual people and Christina is not very intellectual and clever. Not only is Christian shy and lacking creativity, but he is also very timid and nervous and unable to come up with anything creative for Roxanne.(Core 3) He hears that she is into poetry and romantic letters but he doesnt have the artistic side to show her anything. He asks Cyrano for help. The complete opposite of Christian, Cyrano creatively helps Christian out and creates a connection between him and Roxanne. Christian and Roxanne fall simply madly in love with each other and get married. Soon after, the men are sent to war.

Cyrano and Christian go on to war. Christian wants to keep in touch with Roxanne as much as possible and wants to sound inspiring and he therefore needs the help of Cyrano. As the two brave heroes fight, Cyrano writes to Roxanne every day expressing his own affections toward her but writing them as if Christian were. As time passes, Christian begins to realize his friends feelings toward Roxanne. With great unselfishness and strong will, he tells Cyrano to admit his love to Roxanne and that he would get out of the picture. This part of the novel the shy, uncreative man steps up and shows great loyalty and gives up his happiness to be fair and to give his friend the joy he deserves. But as Cyrano is about to admit the truth to Roxanne Christian is killed in battle and Cyrano never reveals the secret.

Christians time in the story comes to a tragic end but his impact on the novel is great. He proves that even though someone can be a shy and quiet individual, they have great feelings on the inside. Christian was not a special person in this novel. He was quite ordinary. He didnt have any special characteristics that Cyrano had or any extra ordinary ability. He was basically a very good looking and handsome individual. But with his great care for his love and his great desires, he truly was a hero. At the end of his life, he still insisted that Cyrano take care of Roxanne. (Core 1) He was a great hero in this novel. He was considered a hero not because of his great looks, although they played a big part, but because of his unselfishness and caring friendship. (Core 4) Even though he was a secondary hero, he gave a lot to life and showed many readers the meaning of life.

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