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Cyrano's Character in Cyrano De Bergerac Essay


How can a man of chivalry, poetry and high education see himself as a coward and a failure? Cyrano de Bergerac, a character in the Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano is a popular man, known for his big nose, who is in love with a woman named Roxane, his cousin, who is loved by another man named Christian. Putting his feelings aside, Cyrano decides to help Christian win the heart of Roxane by reciting poems to her. Roxane agrees to marry Christian, before him and Cyrano head off to war were Cyrano will risk his life daily crossing enemy front to go send a letter on behalf of Christian to Roxanne.

Later on into the war, Roxane decided to visit Christian and tell him that she has fallen in love with him not only for his appearance but for his soul and his inside through the letters. Christian, who at war gets injured, tells Cyrano to let Roxane know that he has not been the one writing the letter and let her know it was Cyrano. He also told Cyrano to tell Roxane to choose who she really loved, even though Cyrano didnt inform Roxane about the message he tells Christian before his death that he told her and she still chose him.

Fifteen years later, Roxane moved to live in a convent where Cyrano came daily to visit her every evening. During this time, Cyrano was involved in an incident, in which a log was dropped on his head coming home from seeing Roxane one evening and is in serious condition. During this time of agony, Cyrano visited Roxane as usual and ask her if she still has the letter Christian had writing to her, she says yes and brings them to Cyrano who begins to read the letter in the dark as he did for Christian when she realized that she loved Cyrano not Christian. But as faith had it Cyrano died that same night leaving Roxane alone.

Cyrano is a man of high education and poetry from the soul.

For example, Fair ladies and are radiant, fill our dreams with longing, soften death with smile, inspire poetry dont judge it. This quote shows how women were viewed as royalty and seen highly off, rather than degrading to others. Not every man views a woman with high esteem, and a little bit of it will go a long way.

In addition, whats a kiss? A vow made at closer range, a more precise promise, a seal placed on a path already signed, a secret told on the mouth rather than the ear, a tasting of ones soul through lips, a way of living through the heart beat of another. Rostand (133). This signifies the true meaning of what a kiss was, rather than now when a kiss is as easy as a hug to earn, kisses used to be privileges and not rights. A kiss should be given to show love, compassion, devotion and not just for the fun of it.

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