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Biff's Journey in Death of a Salesman Essay


Death Of A Salesman

Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Millar is a Play in which one of the main characters, Biff begins to find his own way within the world after realizing that all the things his father, Willy, taught him would not hell him within the working world.

When Biff was at high school he was well liked and was followed around by everyone as he was part of there american football team and this gave him a high popularity level this lead on to Willy assuming that he would go far in the world as all he needed was to have personal attractiveness and be well liked and that was all you needed for success.

In Death of a Salesman, Biff's perception of society is changed through a different events which happen during the play. His views on life are to be lazy and do nothing with his life and has learned everything he knows from his father. Eventually Biff starts to see that he is in reality and must work for a living and put effort in instead of stealing from everyone and trying to be dominant. Biffs father has taught him that he will succeed in the world if he is well liked this idea is quickly changed to reality where he must work hard in order to get anywhere.

Through a series of events, Biff gradually comes to terms of what is necessary for success. We are shown a part of his childhood where Biff is told that "the man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets ahead." This is the exact opposite of his friend Bernard who is hard working and is liked but he is not well liked . Later in the play we see Bernard become very successful, like uncle Ben and at the start of the play Willy says that Ben is liked but he is not well liked just like Bernard.

After Biff and his father, Willy have a disagreement they are never the same again and comments are being made such as "fake" and "phony."

Biff decides he should leave, but an argument develops between Biff and Willy. Biff starts to see himself just like his father, "nothing," just an average man trying to make a living. Biff's earlier opinion of his father's greatness has been destroyed entirely, leaving Biff lost trying to find his own way. Biff realized that he now needs to find his own values in life. He has finally seen the reality and must now make decisions for himself and take a step back as this is no longer high school.

Biff is also being portrayed as many different things by his father as when Willy is talking to Linda he says biff is a lazy bum and the next minute he says if theres one thing about Biff he is not lazy. Willy also decides when Linda tells him that Biff is finding himself he is lost Willy quickly jumps in with Biff Lowman is lost. In the greatest country in the world

In this novel it has been made clear of the character development of Biff Lowman and how his perspective has changed on life and his family especially when he finds out his father is a Phony and decides to start thinking for himself. In the end Biff seems to be one of the only characters who changes there perspective on life and Willy still seems to be the same foolish man only caring about money , Personal Attractiveness, and being well liked.

Each event that followed after made Biff's change his views and finally lead on to his fantasies turning into reality and this then lead to his father's death he was left with the story that everything his father had taught him wouldnt work however now he had his own mind to think for himse

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