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Brotherly Love in Death Of a Salesman Essay


A Brothers Love

In the play Death of A Salesman the character Ben leaves his brother Willy no money even though he was a very rich man i mean he did always tell us how he came out of the jungle and by god he was rich. Now there is a good reason that Ben left Willy nothing.

One of the reasons i believe that Ben left Willy no money is Ben and Willy Hated each other.

It is a bit out there i know but it is the truth see willy always made his flashbacks more glamorous than the actual moment was and he always wanted him and Ben to be close so it makes sense that they would be in these glamour filled flashbacks. The reason they hate each other is that for one they barely ever knew each other so the relationship was not strong. Then one of the times when Ben had come over to visit the two had gotten into a fight over biff and how willy paid too much attention to one son and not the other. After the argument Ben quickly got up and left. This is proven by the fact that in one of the flashbacks Ben leaves quickly with not much response but in the flashback he left in a cheery happy mood because that is how Willy wished the day had gone but unfortunately for him it did not i mean come on though who leaves that quickly that happily.

Another reason is Ben was extremely rich and self absorbed as the two tend to go hand in hand at time as was proved in the story The Great Gatsby. Because of this aspect he decided to leave nothing for everyone. He hid all his money away in the jungle where he states he originally aquired it. He did this so that no one could ever find or take his hard earned money. Willy had always wished him to be a kind gentle man which is why he is like that in the flashbacks. Ben did all of theses crazy things because he was slightly crazy and as it turns out that gene seems to run in the family.

These are the reason that Ben left his own brother Willy nothing in Death of a Salesmen

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