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Foreshadowing Willy's Death in Death of a salesman Essay


Death of a Salesman

I believe that the meaning of the title Death of a Salesman makes it pretty obvious that Willy Loman is going to die at the end of the play. After reading the play you realize that the Death of a Salesman was much more than about his death, it was about his failure in his career, and his betrayal to his family. Willy Loman has a habit of hiding the truth about the success in his career, and doing so he tends to insult everyone elses career and suggests that everyone should follow in his steps and become a salesman. He tries to get his son, Biff, to follow in his steps and become a successful salesman just like himself. Consequently, Willy sees Biff as an under achiever, but Biff sees himself trapped in his fathers fantasies. He tends to put down Biff throughout the play about how much money he is making and about his school. On the other hand Happy tends to support his father and also tends to follow his fathers beliefs, and also tends to believe his fathers stories. Happy is also very much like his father in such a way that he was also slightly delusional, and also tends to make himself look better than what he really is. For example Happy presents himself as the assistant buyer at his store, when in reality he is only an assistant to the assistant buyer. I believe that Happy will follow in his fathers footsteps all his life and turn out to be delusional just like his father, and continue to make up stories about his success in life.

I believe Willy Loman has a mental disorder in which he fantasizes things that didnt really happen. Through out the whole play Willy has many points where he has day dreams and flashbacks. They always seem to be happy flashbacks. I also noticed that if anyone tried to put down his thought or fantasies he would get upset, just like when Willy and Charlie were playing cards and Willy starts to imagine that his brother, Ben, is there with him and Charlie while playing cards. Willy and Ben talk about the diamond mines that Ben found in the caves in Africa. Willys brother Ben is dead throughout the play and only comes into the play in Willys imagination. Willy uses Ben as a symbol for the success that he craves for himself and his sons. Throughout the play Willy goes around offering people jobs to become successful salesmen just like himself, even though Willy doesnt have the power to hire anyone

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