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Seeds in Death Of A Salesman Essay


A seed can be associated with a future and foundation for life; when the seed is no longer present, a future is positive future is in sight.

Willy Loman abandoned his dream of going to Alaska and making his fortune and instead pursued the life of a salesman in New York. Millers usage of gardening as a metaphor for success and failure signifies Willy intuitively acknowledged his profession as a salesman was a poor choice, given his natural inclinations. Though his family roots were in sales (Ben stated their father was a successful salesman), Willy never blossomed into the Dave Singleman figure he idolized. Willys continual daydream where his brother, Ben appeared showed that Willy truly regretted his choice of becoming a salesman. The fact that he doesnt have a thing in the ground (122) alludes that Willy doesnt have any financial foundation to support his family. Willys unfortunate situation of no money in the ground for his family was a failure. Willy initially wanted to strike gold in Alaska so he would never have to work again. Because Willy was so heavily influenced by Dave Singlemans business reputation, he didnt realize the true lifestyle of a salesman. He was blind to the truth of how the life of a salesman would lead to the death of a salesman, not the death of a rich man. Willy had no foundation for his life. When he [didnt] have a seed in the ground (122), he had no foundation and future. Willy had nothing to support him.

Biff Loman did not go out west and farm because he did not want to disappoint his father. Willy asked his wife Linda, How can [Biff] find himself on a farm? Is that a life? A farmhand? (15). Although Willy made the wrong decision when choosing his career, he still encouraged his son Biff to make the same mistake. Biffs dream job was to go our west and work on a farm, out in the open air. When he came to New York to visit home, Willy bombarded Biffs fantasy and made Biff feel as if he made the wrong decision. Biff stayed in New York to pursue his fathers dream, as opposed to choosing his own desired path. Biff had nothing planted (122). Biff no longer had his own dreams or desires in life, he merely wanted to keep his suicidal father pleased for the time being. Although Biffs life was less complicated as a salesman for the time being, when his father passes away, Biff was going to have to continue the undesired life of a salesman. Biff [didnt] have a seed in the ground (122). Biff had no foundation or dreams to live for. Biff cannot grow and develop into a successful adult because he has nothing to work from, just as a plant cannot grow when there is no seed present.

Before Willy committed suicide, he planted seeds, represents the success he hoped to leave for his sons and his wife. While he was planting the seeds and conversing with Ben, he worried that a man can't go out the way he came in (125). Willy [didnt] have a seed in the ground (122) for his family. Willy was not a successful salesman and didnt have a lot of financial support for his family. In hopes his family will receive money from the life insurance agency, Willy committed suicide. Before Willy passed away the Lomans [nothing] planted (122). They had no financial support and no hope for a better future. After Willy died and his seeds were planted in the back yard, the rest of the Loman family could start hoping for a better future. They would have financial support from the life insurance money and use this advantage as a source of hope for a new beginning, paralleling the seeds being planted in fertile soil and growing into a plant.

Arthur Miller makes constant references to nature and farming in Death of a Salesman. These references represent the successes and failures in the Loman household, thus illustrating the dream and how it is forgotten and/or passed up shortsightedly(A seed can be associated with a future and foundation for life; when the seed is no longer present, a future is positive future is in sight). As one reads A Death of a Salesman, they can depict that shortsightedness is not beneficial when making a choice. One must look in the long run a work towards the future, even though it may be difficult in the beginning.

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