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Frankenstein as Different From His Creature Essay



Frankenstein and the Monster share no common characteristics and live completely separate lives. Many believe that parents and children will always share common characteristics because of the simple reason that they are related, but this is not always a true theory. In the case that is presented in Frankenstein, because of the fact that victor left his monster , the monster cannot learn from Victor or vice versa, therefore they cannot become like each other and share common characteristics.

There is a lot of information that leads to the belief that Frankenstein is different than the creature, but many also make the mistake that he is more alike. Although Frankenstein created the creature, he and the creature separated right from the monsters creation and they did not encounter each other again and the creature had developed different characteristics and habits of his own. In any possible way, Victor Frankenstein is not like the creature.

Victor Frankenstein was born and raised in a family; the creature had the misfortune of being abandoned right after his creation. Victor pointed out that, "I was their plaything and their idol, and something better-their child," his parents deeply cared for him while Victor, the creator of the creature, was fearful of the creature and was glad he was gone. The creature was abandoned at birth, with no one to care for him, or to treat him as a child. Frankenstein on the other hand, had an amazing childhood with his parents to love and care for him. Victor was born into the hands of his caring parents and the creature was born into a massive body without ever having experienced a childhood. From the beginning Victor Frankenstein had the luxury of being surrounded by people he can socialize talk to and love. The creature was not as fortunate, born at a massive size, and abandoned right at birth. Victor always had Henry, when Henry came to Ingolstadt Victor said, "How glad I am to see you", the creatures first chance to meet society the whole cottage screamed and ran. Victor always had someone to depend on, a friend, someone to love. At every chance the creature went to meet society, they either ran or chased him off. Being born to a loving family and being normal is cherished; Frankenstein and the Creature were born to very opposite sides, and raised very differently.

Victor always no matter in what situation had a family and friends to talk to and love, but usually he kept things to himself and never took advantage of what he had and the Creature strived to have a friend, being denied at every chance he took because of his appearance. When Victor was creating the creature he never shared his information with his family and worked alone, the creature however wanted Felix's family to accept him and be their companion. Frankenstein liked to be alone while doing work and never fully informed anyone what he way doing. The creature strongly wished for someone to help him and talk to him and made countless attempts to be accepted by society, but was always denied while Frankenstein had the luxury of his best friend coming over and visiting him. Finally after all the hard work, the creature came to the fact he would never be accepted by society. Victor always had the chance to talk to someone and love, a big part of life is having someone to love and cherish and without the luxury it can drive people crazy.

Throughout the story Frankenstein had a goal, get revenge and kill the creature, he never gave up until he died, while after killing Victor's wife, younger brother and best friend, the creature strongly felt that he had done the wrong thing. Frankenstein said by all means he would chase the creature until one of them dies, but the creature on the other hand after murdering said," I have strangled the innocent as they sleep. Regretting murdering, the creature wept at his mistakes. Frankenstein died unfulfilled, he had not done what he had hoped to. The creature stated, "I have murdered the lovely and the helpless," feeling awful for what he did and Frankenstein said that someone else might succeed in which he failed. Frankenstein from the start wanted the creature dead and as he was dying he still didn't give up stating that another may succeed. At the beginning the creature strived to make Victor's life Hell, but at the end he wished it didn't happen how it did.

Frankenstein was born different, raised different, and died different. Right from birth or creation the creature was separated and developed self-habits, never interacting with Frankenstein.

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