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Frankenstein Compared to Charlie Gordon Essay


Frankenstein/Charlie Gordon Essay

To be shunned by everyone and be treated like you are nothing, are the worst feelings a person could face. The Frankenstein monster and Charlie Gordon were both outcasts, they were rejected by all. The Frankenstein Monster and Charlie Gordon shared similar qualities that led them to be left out by all. They both wanted a companion, a person that they could call a friend and talk to. Both were treated unfairly and werent liked by people. They both were used in some sort of experiment.

Firstly, who ever you are and whatever you lack shouldnt hold you back from having friends. Both Charlie Gordon and the monster had difficulties appealing to people and this was very disturbing to them. For example, the monster was hated by all and he knew that he could never have someone that looked normal because of the way he was. He asked his creator, Victor Frankenstein if he could make him someone that was similar to his appearance and threatened him if he didnt comply with his demand. This showed us that he was very desperate to have a companion and feel accepted by someone. Charlie Gordon also shared the same faith. For instance, Charlie Gordon was in love with Mrs. Kinnian. In the movie, Charlie was spying on Mrs. Kinnian and felt that he needed her because she was the only one that was nice to him and this resulted in Charlie kidnapping her. This shows what lengths Charlie would go to in order to have a companion. These not so great qualities they posses made both individuals not fit in with society.

Secondly, both the monster and Charlie Gordon were excluded by everyone and werent treated fairly in public areas. For example, the monster was public enemy number one because people thought he was going around and spreading the plague. People suspected him because of his appearance. The monster had scars all over his face, was freakishly large, and very disturbing to look at. These features made him a very terrifying person and led to people separating themselves from him. This resulted in the monster wanting nothing to do with human contact and began to live in the high snowy mountains. Charlie Gordon wasnt a very terrifying person or had scars on his face, but he lacked intelligence. This resulted in Charlie being made fun of by all his colleagues. For instance, when someone did something dumb other than Charlie, people would respond by saying, hey are you trying to pull a Charlie Gordon. Charlie lacked the intelligence to understand what they meant and laughed along, not knowing he was the one being laughed at. In the end, Charlie too wanted a fresh start and moved away from those people.

Lastly, both Charlie Gordon and the monster were experiments or experimented on for the very first time. For example, Charlie Gordon was the first person to have a brain transplant that tripled an individuals IQ, therefore making him a more successful and intelligent person. This experiment would help people not just like Charlie but others to become more intelligent. The monster on the other hand, was the result of an illegal experiment. He was involved in an experiment that could produce life. He was made from body parts of the dead all sewed up together. Both experiments were briefly declared success until flaws were detected. Charlie Gordon began to forget things in a rapid pace and was slowly losing intellect. The monster had a major side effect, which made him a complete failure. He lacked intelligence but possessed super human strength. These were not the traits the experiment claimed that would result.

Ultimately, the need of a companion, isolation from society, and the effects of the experiments made the Frankenstein monster and Charlie Gordon outcasts. These characteristics made both of these individuals unstable for the public and posed a threat.

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