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Jack in Lord Of The Flies Essay


Lord of the Flies is a novel by Nobel-Prize winning author William Golding. It is about a group of boys who get stuck on a deserted island during the nuclear war. The only thing one really knows about human nature is that it changes. I agree with this quote, because I believe that human nature changes depending on where the person lives. Jack Merridew for example changes throughout the book. He starts out wanting to help and contribute to the group, and by the end of the book, he slowly changes for the worse. He transitions into a demigod.

His way of behaving is neither disruptive nor violent at the beginning of the book, but he does show the desire to hunt and kill a pig. The first time Jack is presented with killing a pig he couldnt, because of the enormity of the knife and descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood. (P. 27) Later on, he says, Well get food, hunt, catch things...until they fetch us. (P. 30) This shows that he cares, and wants to help and contribute to the group.

Later on, he becomes angrier and violent. He yells, Kill the beast! Cut his throat, spill his blood! (P. 152) All ready, you can tell that he has transitioned quite a bit since the beginning of the book, not only has he gotten angrier and violent, but has also gotten braver. In the beginning, as stated above he was afraid to kill the pig but now, he didnt have any hesitation killing it.

By the end of the book, Jack turned into a completely different person. Once, Piggy had died from the rolling rock which made him fall forty feet from a cliff, the first thing Jack said was, See? See? Thats what youll get! I meant that! There isnt a tribe for you anymore! The conch is gone! I am chief. (P. 181) He didnt show any sadness or disappointment, and instead was in joy, that he could be chief now.

In conclusion, the quote, The only thing one really knows about human nature is that it changes. is in my opinion true. Once Jack Merridew was stuck on a deserted island he grew into an animal-like human. He didnt have any feelings towards other people, and had no problem killing other animals for food.

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