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A Mounting Turmoil in Lord of the Flies Essay


When Ralph and Jack meet, a decision is made. Ralph is named Chief and it is made apparent that Jack believes he should hold the title. Even though the vote still stands, resentment settles into Jacks heart. While he continues to play along with the tribe, Jack still feels cheated.

These dangerous emotions mount to an impending explosion between Ralph and Jack.

Jack feels angry with Ralph over many topics, most revolving around the designated leadership and the roles of the boys in the tribe. Jack feuds with him over Ralphs defense of Piggy. Jack finds this silly and weak due to his hatred of Piggy. Jack also finds room for argument when Ralph becomes accusatory and seeks to lay blame on Jack for allowing the fire to go out. This infuriates Ralph and Jack simultaneously for different reason, but creates a larger rift between them, nonetheless.

Ralph once again finds a way to anger Jack when he complains of the excessive hunting the choir boys and their leader pursue. Jack brings a valid point, claiming he brought the tribe meat they would not have had otherwise, but Ralph still persist. Jack eventually leaves the tribe, branching out on his own. Ralph tries to make amends after Jack takes most of the older boys with him, but it is to late. Jack is swallowed up in his emotions and fears.

Finally, Ralph again tries to seek an agreement and the danger unfolds. After murdering Simon and Piggy, Jack sets his sights on Ralph. Hunting him like an animal, Jack plots his demise and runs to carry it out. His plan is only foiled by the navy officer on the shore line. Without him, Ralph would have been murdered and his head placed on a stick.

As one can see, the conflict grew immensely until the emotions raged too much on either side for a resolution to be constructed. The conflict only ended by chance upon the navy officers arrival. Without his appearance, the conflict would have been solved through murder. Jack and Ralph never did settle the raging fight.

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