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Comparison Of Ralph And Jack in Lord of the Flies Essay


The Comparison of Ralph and Jack

Lord of the Flies has many meanings to it which are defined through the characters involved in the story and through the items found in the island or carried by the characters. Many of these characters differ from eachother a lot but they don't comprehend that. Inthe novel, Lord of theFlies Ralphthough not the stronger person, demonstrates a better understanding of people which gives Ralph better leadership qualities than Jack. Jack and Ralph are both two very different but yet so similar people. Jack and Ralph are both natural leaders but yet their leadership styles are so different. They are both the eldest of all the children that have landed on the island and that are why they are born leaders. From the start of the book one has recognized that Ralph and Jack were the main opposing characters, Ralph is the protagonist and Jack is the antagonist which makes the book heated with their different characteristics.

As one reads in the story it seems that Ralph is a leader in the way he is described. He is described as if as the ideal hero, he is fit and handsome, fair. The fair boy (Golding 6) He was old enough, twelve years and a few months, to have lost the prominent tummy of childhood (Golding 11) as far as width and heaviness of shoulders went, but there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil. (Golding 11)/ In the beginning of the scene when piggy and Ralph find the conch. Piggy confides in Ralph. That shows that he is a leader because someone confides in him from the start. Also one can realize that Ralph is a leader because he blew the conch, he summons the other children which displays the significance that he is meant to be a leader. Throughout the book Ralph is chosen as chief from the beginning of the book and he is a logical thinker. He always says that we should try to help ourselves to get rescued, and cares about everyones safety in return. By far Ralph has displayed numerous ways of being a fit and courageous leader for the children.

Jacks leadership styles is opposite from Ralphs, he is aggressive, rude, and arrogant. Jack thinks he should be the chief instead of Ralph because he had the choir. Right away Jack expresses his arrogant trait in the start of the book which shows that he is not someone who cares about the job that is being done but as something he just wants. Buy him saying."...I ought to be chief,'(Golding 28). One thinks that Jack is not really a leader out of respect and honour but more out of an arrogant leader that people are scared of. He always seeks attention for example when he came back from killing the pig he was so proud of himself putting himself above everyone else. All Jack wants is power so he can show off he really just wants to be the center of attention. At the scene when Jack painted his face with different colors and after it he started acting like a whole different person he wanted the attention. One can say that when Jack is with Ralph he is a completely different person he is shy and modest, however one can see that when Jack is with the littluns and Piggy he is rude, selfish, which shows one that he is attention seeker. The way Jack treats Piggy is rude and he seems intimidated by Piggys intelligence so Jacks reaction to that is the way he treats him by knocking off his glasses, punching him, he is a bully towards Piggy.

Both Jack and Ralph are similar in age they are both the tallest and biggest boys of all the children on the island. Both their ideas within their heads are the same but the way it portages out is what makes them different them into their different leadership styles. They both like to put into action the important things of the island. One major similarity that they have is that they both want to be leaders and express their ideas and opinions. In a way they both are leaders, Jack is of the choir and Ralph is leader of the children. The opposing two characters always have similar characteristics which all readers can see from the start of the book. One saw that Jack and Ralph have similar features as age and leadership but different personalities.

Throughout ones reading of the book are two varied characters. Jack believes that he is far superior to anybody else on the island. When the group of boys is voting for chief at the start of the novel, Jack believes with simple arrogance (Golding 8) that there should be no vote and he should be appointed chief mainly because Im chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp. (Golding 8). Jack constantly ridiculed Piggy when they were in the same tribe and gave no thought to what Piggy said. Piggy took the conch I dont believe in no ghosts ever! Jack was upWho cares what you believe Fatty! (Golding 127). Then, went on Piggy Youre talking too much, said Jack Merridew. Shut up, Fatty. (Golding 27). This shows that Jack regards Piggy as an inferior person. Ralph shows that he regards all the boys as equals by standing up for Piggy, the most vulnerable person on the island. When Jack breaks Piggys glasses and makes a mockery of him Ralph interferes and calls Jacks actions a dirty trick. Now I only got one eye. Jus you wait Jack mimicked the whine and scramble. Jus you wait yah! (Golding 101). When everyone is equal, the group benefits as a whole because people are not afraid of ridicule or persecution when they speak their minds. Their opinions can then be considered when making a decision. If decisions were made the way Jack makes them, with no consideration given to different points of view, then the decision would only benefit a select few within group. Treating people akin to the way Jack does, as superior and inferior, limits the whole groups progress. The superior people would benefit while the inferior would suffer. This imbalance prevents the whole group from benefiting. Ralphs belief of equality allows him to make decisions that benefit the entire group, and that is why he is the better leader over Jack.

Many of the characters in Lord of the flies vary from eachother a lot but they don't realize that. Inthe novel, Lord of theFlies Ralphas the kind just leader that everyone needs, and wants but Jack is a leader that is the unjust hated leader. both two very different but yet so similar people. Both natural leaders but yet their leadership styles are so different. From the start of the book, Ralph and Jack were the main opposing characters, which make the book intense with their different individualities.

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