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Analysis of Of Mice and Men Essay


Of Mice and Men is a compassionate portrayal of the harsh realities of life for poor, unskilled workers during the depression.

Of Mice and Men shows us the harsh realities of life for poor, unskilled workers during the depression. Steinbeck shows us how the people struggle through life because of the loneliness, isolation, lack of permanent friendship, inability to build a secure financial for their future and the prejudice.

Loneliness plays a big role in the novel Of Mice and Men because the husbands would leave their family to find a job and most of the time the husband would not come back. Steinbeck shows us how loneliness can affect people two example is Curleys wife and Crooks. Curleys wife is not allowed to communicate to other men so she tries to flirt with the men to get some attention. Crooks is also another victim of loneliness, Crooks doesnt talk to anyone and he is not allowed to go in the bunkhouse with the others When a man gets lonely he starts to go nuts. This tells us that Crooks is affected by the loneliness. When Lennie talks to him he attempts to inflict his pain on Lennie by asking him what he will do if George doesnt come back.

During the depression the itinerant workers dont have a permanent friendship with anyone and they all have a dream to look forward to. The itinerant workers would just come to work and mind their own business. This is different for George and Lennie because they have each other Aint many guys travel around together Slim says this because not many people travel around together during the depression. All the itinerate workers have a dream about owning their own piece of land because they have nothing else to look forward to. Crooks says that everyone comes here with a dream of getting land, an never a God damn one of em ever gets it. The dreams that they have does not come true because they do not have enough money. During the depression the workers would get paid 50 dollars a month and most of them would blow it in the cat house. Money is important part of their life because if they dont have any money they cannot accomplish their dream. Lennie and George on the other hand truly believe they will one day get to their dream of owning a piece of land, Someday were gonna get the jack and were gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs and. An live off the fatta the lan. George and Lennie constantly repeat this dream throughout the book. Candy over hears them talking and he also wants to be part of it. George and Lennie let candy join because Candy has most of the money that they need.

Steinbeck shows us the prejudice during his novel Of Mice and Men. By giving good descriptions Steinbeck is able to make the reader feel sympathy for Crooks , Lennie, Candy and as they have to deal with prejudice. Crooks have to live in the stables by himself because he is a nigger and therefore not allowed to enjoy some qualities of life. Lennie is mentally slow so people treat him bad. When George and Lennie goes to the farm to get the job George has to cover for him because if the boss knows that he is mentally slow then they would not get a job. Candy has to deal with prejudice because he is old and he only has one hand. In the novel people would think that if someone cripple then he or she is useless. Carlson is a good example because he tells Candy to put down his dog because he is old and useless, this relates to Candy because he is also old and useless because he only has one hand.

All the characters in Of Mice and Men struggle through the harsh realities of loneliness, isolation, prejudice, lack of friendship and the inability to build a secure financial for their future . By having someone to speak to and having a dream they never gave up and were able to get through the cruel circumstances that they faced during the great depression.

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