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Candy's Dream in Of Mice and Men Essay


The only thing that keeps you from fulfilling your dreams is you. -Marsha Norman, American playwright, screenwriter, television writer and novelist. Candys dream of working on the farm with George and Lennie almost becomes a reality because he has the money and help to do it. One of his handicaps is that he is old. His other handicap was that he has only one hand and a stump at the end of his other arm. But his dream came crashing down when he realized his handicaps would alter his future. Of Mice and Men was about fulfilling your dreams in any possible way. In the novel, the ability for Candy to fulfill this dream, relies on him is having someone to share the dream with.

Candy has the dream of being able to live on a farm with George and Lennie. He has the money to help support the purchase of the farm. Maybe if I give you guys my money, youll let me hoe in the garden even after I aint no good at it (60). He hopes for Lennie and George to let him work with them even if he gets too old. Candy trusts George and Lennie to let him work for them. Candy is miserable at the farm where he works until he met George and Lennie. "When they can me here I wisht somebody'd shoot me" (66). Candy wanted to leave as soon as he got to the farm because he couldnt stand working there at all. But once George and Lennie arrived, Candys views on working changed. Candy now saw that there is a satisfaction of working with other people that he likes and trusts.

Candy has a handicap that will prevent him from doing many things in the future. His main handicap is that he is very old, almost too old to keep working at the ranch. Theyll can me pretty soon. Jus as soon as I cant swamp out no bunk houses theyll put me on the county (60). Candy explains how he is so old that once he cant work at the farm, the county will take him off the farm. He realizes how much his handicap affects the outcome of his future. When candy got hurt, it became his disability. I got hurt four years ago (60). He explained to the other men that he got hurt, and thats why he has a stump instead of a hand. Candys handicaps now are his stump, his age, and Lennies mistake. Candy just realizes this when the dreams of working on a farm are crushed by Lennies mistake.

Candys dream of working on a farm relied on his friends to be with him. His dream was to work on a farm with Lennie and George. Candys handicaps were his stubby arm, and him being old. They thought that they would be able to live on a farm with Candys money, and their friendship. Candy finally realizes their problem and complication to fulfill their dream of having a farm together.

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