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Scene Analysis: Romeo And Juliet Essay


Romeo and Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the scenes that are most important are act 1 scene 1, this is important because it involves conflict between the two families which is what the whole play is about, also act 3 scene 1, this is important because like act1 scene 1 there is conflict between the Montagues and the Capulet but this time two of the main characters are killed. This would have been good for the audience in Elizabethan times because the audience loved conflict and deaths.

Act 2 scenes 6 is a calm and peaceful scene it is the one when Romeo and Juliet get married despite there parents wishes; friar Lawrence is the person that weds these two. this makes a big effect on act 3 scene 1 because in this scene the main part is conflict in the play is shown between firstly Mercurtio and Tybalt in a fight ending in Mercurtio dieing from a stab wound by Tybalt .this then leads in Romeo wanting revenge all though if he fights he will be banished from Verona. In this scene there is dramatic irony because the audience know that Romeo and Juliet are married but Tybalt does not .Romeo ends up catching Tybalt up and getting his revenge but this ends up with him being banished from Verona buy prince Escalus.

In act 3 scene 1 the audience think back to the first scene because of the setting in a public place of Verona. but the audience might be given the impression that like act 1 scene 1 there will be conflict in this scene also these two scenes involve the same characters, so this would increase the query of a fight. which would get the attention of the audience because they enjoyed conflict in the plays .in act 3 scene 1 at the start Benvolio and Mercutio are talking about how they can feel a fight in the air for now these hot days is the mad blood stirring because this quote is used at the beginning of the scene it gives the effect of conflict and this would grab the audiences attention because they could be another fight.

Halfway through act 3 scene1 Tybalt enters this builds tension and anxiousness between the characters because in all the scenes with Tybalt conflict has been involved, so the audience will be expecting some thing to happen .at the start of the scene Tybalt is asking for Romeo but because Romeo isnt there Mercutio talks to him but instead of saying hes not here he antagonises tybalt like when tybalt ask where Romeo is because he wants a word Mercutio answers make it a word and a blow this would make tybalt angry , the audience would be very excited at this point because last time tybalt got angry there was a big fight (act 1 scene 1) so the audience would be expecting a fight.

Like tybalt's entrance in act 3 scene 1 tension is built between the characters when Romeo comes into the scene. when Romeo enters Mercutio and tybalt are all ready arguing about Romeos where abouts so when he comes into the scene tybalt is ready for a fight but Romeo does not want to fight because he is happy and loved up for he has just married Juliet . Dramatic irony is involved here because the audience know that Romeo and Juliet are married but the other characters do not. Tybalt is gagging for a fight with Romeo but Romeo says he cannot fight him cause he loves him the reason I have to love thee he doesnt want to but he has to cause he is now family. Mercutio is a little worried at the entrance of Romeo because he doesnt him to get hurt.

Act3 scene 1 involves a lot of conflict which includes the death of two main characters which is tybalt and Mercutio after tybalt kills Mercutio .Romeos anger is shown and he is hungry for revenge so when tybalt comes back Romeo fights him this results in Romeo killing tybalt . the Elizabethan audience would of liked this because they always enjoyed violence and conflict and they always reacted well to it .when Mercutio dies he says a plague on both your houses this interprets that there is a curse on both the Capulets and the Montague family and backing the Elizabethan times this would be believed .in this scene Romeo shows a total different side to himself because in the restof the play we have seen a calm and romantic side to him but in this scene all this is blown out of proportion

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