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Morals in Romeo And Juliet Essay


The play of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet not only tells a story, but it has underlying morals to his story. I can see that not only did he write and perform the play for simple entertainment, he wrote the play to express his thoughts and notions on love. Some of the messages I got from Romeo and Juliet where that love does not have a gender. I saw that love can not be true until it is proven. The most important message that I noticed was that love is just as strong as hate in the emotional sense. This paper will explain which scenes and the words where I derived these messages from.

The first notion I noticed was that love has no gender in Romeo and Juliet. I noticed that there was a bond between Mercurito and Romeo that is considered love even it was a brotherly love. There was even a scene where a Capulet questioned whether or not there was a sexual relationship between the two. Mercurito who was not a Capulet or Montague fought for Romeo's honor as if he was part of the family which shows that he had an undying love for Romeo. He even reacted as normal scorned people would do which was to curse them to the high heavens. The fact that love knows no gender supports homosexuality and bisexuality. There is a kind of love that you share with family is different than the type of love that you share with non family members, but to include someone who is considered non family and love them so much that you consider them family is a strong love indeed which is what Mercurtio and Romeo had.

The second message I go from the film and dialogue was that love can not be true until there are obstacles or tasks that are completed for it to confirmed. In Romeo and Juliet, due to the hatred levels between their two families, it was ridiculous to think that they could be in love after one night especially after being ruled as mortal enemies by their parents. It was said to be love at first sight, but love can not be love until it is tested and can withstand time. One night can turn into one month which can turn into a lifetime, but during that lifetime it will not be viewed as smooth sailing. There is bound to be one argument and misunderstanding that will strengthen and prove your love for that person. The biggest test for Romeo and Juliet was the killing of Tybalt who was a revenge killing for Mercurtio. They both lost someone they loved at the hands of the other's family. This was considered the ultimate test. To love someone through all of these trials would be the supreme test to their love which they passed.

The third moral was that love is just as strong as hate and love does not always win the battle. While Romeo and Juliet were the focal point and always expressed their love for one another, the one point that was neglected by the story was the hate between the two families that seemed to have no purpose or no reason for being there. Hate seems to have no place in a love story, but it is so profound that it overshadows the love that is taking place. It controlled and restricted it so much that it singlehandedly killed it. The hate and antipathy between the two families made it impossible for the love to flourish except behind closed doors and the darkness. As Sri Chinmoy says you hate someone whom you really wish to love, but whom you cannot love. Perhaps he himself prevents you. That is a disguised form of love.

In conclusion, there are numerous message that one can get from the Romeo and Juliet movie or from Shakespeare's words, but the three that I noticed that love has no gender which I agree with wholeheartedly. If men and women have the ability to love then they are welcome to love each other. I noted that love can not be true until it has been tested. If you ask any couple who has been together more than 5 years or even 1 for that matter if they have argued or had to profess their love, they would answer they had to. It is having to fight for your love that makes it stronger. The third message I got was that love is as strong as hate and sometimes hate wins. The hate of their families tore into their love early and did not give it a chance to thrive. The story of Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy for those who believe in love and the right of it surviving.

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