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Fate in Romeo And Juliet Essay


Romeo and Juliet

The message of Romeo and Juliet are timeless, no matter what you do you cant fight fate. If Romeo and Juliet didn't meet at Juliet's family party they would of met one way or another. Later in the story when Juliet's family discovered Juliet's was seeing Romeo her family hated the idea as their families are arch enemies. Families can have good intentions but can be misinformed like it this case; Juliet's father and mother thought they were doing the right thing trying to keep her away from Romeo. Her parents didn't understand why it was wrong by Juliet and Juliet didn't understand why her parents were so firm on about the idea of her not seeing Romeo, she loved him and nothing was going to stop her from seeing him. This is such a strong message because conflict is still around and we can understand it in a modern context, people in general are similar.

No matter what you do you can't fight fate, Romeo and Juliet were meant to be together. When they first saw each other it was love at first sight and they were inseparable for the whole night. When the party was finished Romeo came back to see Juliet and she was extremely glad to see him again but of course she was terrified at the same time. Juliet didn't want to get caught with a with Romeo who her family hates because he is a Montague and Juliet is Capulet. Romeo was in love with Rosaline but when he saw Juliet is was just love at first sight, Romeo and Juliet only thought of each other after they had met and were coming up with cunning plans to meet each other. When Juliet's family found out about this secret relationships they were completely against it, Juliet's father was verbally abusing her and belittling her because he thought he was protecting Juliet from Romeo. Juliet didn't understand her fathers point of view as she was crying because she is in love. Juliet says Go , ask him his name. - If he be married. My grave is like to be my wedding-bed, she no longer wishes to marry anyone else, her heart is set on Romeo and she will go to her deathbed not marrying no one else as a proclamation of this. Juliet and Romeo are in love, much had gotten in their way of being together like their families being arch enemies, Juliet's family finding out about the secret relationship and trying to stop what is going on and Romeo giving up Rosaline and Juliet giving up Paris so they can be together. A pair of star cross'd lovers take their life. Star cross'd means literally against the stars, stars were thought to control peoples destinies. Romeo and Juliet were meant to be together so much so they die together.

Families can have good intentions but can be misinformed, as much as Romeo and Juliet wish to be together it's very hard for both their family's to except what is going on. Juliet's family, especially her father was disappointed in her when they found our she was in love with a Montague. Her father pushed her to the ground and belittled her until she started crying but that wasn't going to stop her from seeing her love. Juliet's father didn't think he was doing the wrong thing, he thought he was protecting her from Romeo because he was a Montague. Much violence had revolved around this relationship, everyone just wanted peace and not fight any more. If you ever disturb our streets again your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace, The prince declares that the violence between the two families has gone on too long, and proclaims a death sentence on who ever disturbs the peace. Juliet's family may have been right about trying to protect her as so much violence and conflict was caused over the situation, but as selfish and naive as Romeo and Juliet were they didn't care about anyone else except for themselves. Friar Laurence thought that if Romeo and Juliet got married that it would resolve the conflict the two families have so he gave Romeo a poison to drink so he would temporarily pass out so Romeo and Juliet would marry after. Unfortunately Juliet found Romeo and assumed he was dead as he wasn't moving so she killed herself so she could live an eternal life with Romeo whom she loved. Juliet's family may have been right in some sense that much conflict and drama was caused and they were trying to protect her from what was going to happen, the worst happened where both Romeo and Juliet had died and both families suffers a great loss.

Conflict is still around and we can understand it in a modern context, people in general are similar (concerns). Your family will always be protective of you if they think you are in danger or something bad will become in the future. Even if your family is wrong they always have good intentions not just in Romeo and Juliet but in modern times that we can understand now. Juliet's father was only doing what he thought was right, even though Juliet didn't understand his intentions he was still doing the right thing and being a good father and tried to protect her which shows he cares about her greatly. Juliet's father may have taken it too far when he abused her which doesn't happen so often now but it does happen and we can understand that different families go through different situations. Fate is something a lot of people believe in now in modern times, we might not believe that starts choose your destiny but people believe that whatever your fate holds for you, it will happen no matter what. In Romeo and Juliet the pair were meant to be together and no matter how bad things got with Juliet's family, Paris and Rosaline and the conflict around them they ended up together and even died together because their love for each other was so strong.

No matter what your fate holds you will reach it, no matter how hard it was for Romeo and Juliet they were meant to be and that's how the tragic story ends. Parents and family members always have good intentions and will try to protect you if they think its the right thing to do; this is what you see in Romeo and Juliet and in modern times. Romeo and Juliet were selfish in a sense that they rebelled against their families to see each other and that's what caused all the violence and conflict around them and all the events leading up to the ending of the story. The story sends such a strong message because it shows that you cant fight your fate and families can have good intentions but can be misinformed which we can all understand in a modern context.

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