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Commentary on Siddhartha Essay


The three skills that Siddhartha presents himself to Kamala: he could think, wait and fast. I can think, I can wait, I can fast (56). The three skills are important to Siddhartha because it helps him reach enlightenment. Siddhartha think of ways to reach the enlightenment, he can wait like the river, and he can control his urge for food. After he met Kamala his skilled was disappearing. He stopped practicing his skills because he became a rich merchant. He became greedy, I require clothes and money, that is all(59). Siddharthas goal was to obtain money and clothes, not achieving the enlightenment.

Gotama is an enlightened religious leader with many followers. He is known as Buddha, and it was said that Gotama had reached Nirvana. Gotama teaches the Eightfold Path to his followers as the way to achieve enlightenment. Govinda believed that Gotamas teachings are the path to enlightenment. I heard your teachings. That is why I am going on my way-not to seek another and better doctrine(34). Siddhartha did not believe in Gotamas teachings. Siddhartha has made his discussion to go on his own way to find enlightenment. "You have done so by your own seeking, in your own way, through thought.......You have learned nothing through teachings"(33). Govinda wanted to stay with Gotama.

Siddhartha lived twenty years life of a rich merchant. He had a dream that his spiritual voice within him is no longer there. He leaves Kamala, and he continued his path to seek nirvana. Siddhartha returned to the river with the ferryman named Vasudea. From the river, he learned that time doesnt exist. Siddhartha met Kamala once again as she is bitten by a poisonous snake. Kamala was with a boy, and Siddhartha realized it was his son. He loved his son, but his son doesnt love him back. His son lived with Siddhartha and Vasudea, but his son was very spoiled. His son didnt want to follow Siddhartha, and he wanted to go back to his life of wealth. His son ran away to a village, and Siddhartha soon realized that he must let his son go. In place of the goal which had brought him here after his son, there was only emptiness(126). After the son left, Siddhartha feels much pain. Siddhartha felt sad that everyone had a son or a daughter. Siddhartha took many travelers across the river who had a son or a daughter with them.(129). He questioned himself why he doesnt have a son or a daughter, but evil people do. Vasudea leaves Siddhartha, and made him as the ferryman.

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