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Characters in Siddhartha Essay


Many people can relate to themes or characters in novels. The character Siddhartha in Herman Hesse's Siddhartha demonstrates similar characteristics as me on his his path to enlightenment. Siddhartha shares similiar characteristics as me when he shows himself as independant, strong-hearted, and hard-working. Siddhartha demonstrates independance in his life as do i.

Siddhartha's independance in life is similiar to that of my own. Siddhartha shows his independance early in the novel when he leaves his family and sets out on his on path "As, with benumbled legs, he slowly left the still sleeping town at daybreak" (12). Siddhartha's early independance concurs with the independance in my own life. He leaves his family behind and goes on to living his own life. I feel independant myself as i grow older each year. In addition to being independant, siddhartha's strong-hearted personality relates to my own

Siddhartha's strong-hearted personality is a trait that we share. Siddhartha's journey proves he is strong-hearted and kamala tells him, "you are stronger than the others, more supple, more willing" (73). Kamala reminds Siddhartha that he is strong and more motivated to reach his enlightment than other people. This character trait relates to my own as i stay motivated to move through my own life. Siddhartha and i share being strong-hearted as well as working hard in life.

Siddhartha's display of hard work relates to my own work ethic. Siddhartha's hard work throughout the novel pays off after he confirms he is the ferryman when govinda asks "And have you become a ferryman now?" (141). Through hard work, Siddhartha achieved becoming the captain of the ferry. His hard work compares to mine in that we both work hard to achieve much in life. Siddhartha and I both share similiar hard working character traits.

In conclusion, Siddhartha and share similiar characteristics. Siddhartha and i both act independant. Siddhartha leaves home to set out on his own journey as do I in my own life. Next, our similar strong hearted personalities motivate us to a greater good in life. Finally, we both work hard to achieve much in life. Siddhartha and I both have similar characteristics in our own path of life.

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