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Commentary on Siddhartha Essay


In the first chapter, we see Siddhartha as a young Brahmin, handsome and learned, with the potential to be a prince. Though Siddhartha spends his time studying the Hindu wisdom of his elders along with his best friend Govinda, he is dissatisfied. He doesnt think he will be happy all his life living with these people. Though he loves his father and respects the people of his village, he cannot imagine himself existing in such a way that he will have to do rituals over and over again. Siddhartha has followed his fathers example with conviction, but still he longs for something more.

To enlighten himself he decides to join the Samanas. The Samanas are starved, half-naked, and must beg for food, but only because they believe enlightenment can be reached through asceticism. Siddhartha asks his father for permission before leaving with the Samanas. His father is disappointed and says he does not want to hear the question a second time, but Siddhartha does not move.

Siddhartha, he said, why are you waiting?

You know why.

Will you go on standing and waiting until it is day, noon, evening?

I will stand and wait.

You will grow tired, Siddhartha.

I will grow tired.

You will fall asleep, Siddhartha.

I will not fall asleep.

You will die, Siddhartha.

I will die.


His father could not sleep and gets up every hour to find Siddhartha standing with crossed arms in the darkness. In the morning, his father reluctantly gives permission.

I see myself in Siddhartha as he starts to question life and wants to become more and more independent. He wants to leave home and go on his own to find spiritual enlightenment. He is trying to find the right path to achieve Nirvana while I am looking for a path to lead me to a road where it will promise me success. He will look for wisdom while I look for a mentor who will teach me valuable information. He develops in this chapter because he used to be Mr. Perfect but after thinking about the future he wants to take a new path to find his true self. I am neither perfect like him, but I do want to find the truth about myself, so I can lead myself to a road that will be perfect for me. As he develops into a different character, he will change into a new person, but the way the he is right now is very close to who I am right now.

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