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Misogyny in The Color Purple Essay


Do you know what misogyny means? What kind of problems it produces? In "The color purple" by Alice Walker, the abuse againt woman is very clear and frequently. Walker shows how men look at women as a sexual odject or as a house made, without think about their feeling. Eventually this system impact womens life in different ways like emotional, mentally and phisically. In a sertain moment those feeling come together and induce a force of corage to avaid being abuse and they defy in order to obtain their freedom. In addition Walker shows how the rebelion of a person who is sufering any kind of misogyny afect every body around them, demontrating that the main thing is mantain the balance between the genders.

In the beginning of the story, Celie the main character was imprisoned in a patriarchal, misogynist system. Celies stepfather choosed her husband and nevertheless him and her husban abused of her sexually, mentally and phisically wich may worst her personality. First he put his thing up gainst my hip and sort of wiggles it around. Then he grab hold my titties.then he push his thing inside my pussy (Pag.1). After that Celies began to be an insecure girl, to feel ugly and fustrate for a long time. The abuses of her stepfather doesnt stop in there, he continued looking at her as a machine or even as wood who doesnt felt anything. She ugly, she aint smart either. But she can work like a man (pag. 9). Walker showed how those emotionally and phisically abuses gave a direcction of fustration and pain in her. Celie was a person who could not talk, watch or even laught just live to do what her husban Mr. ----- said. Therefor when Celie went to live with her husband, her suffering, her emotional and mysony system went even worst. However Mr. ---- saw Celie as an inhuman and speak to her in a horrible tone and with a kinds of worlds that made in her the most worst emotional problem. you are black, you pore, you ugly, you a woman, you nothing at all (pag. 213).. As Walker shows in page 69, Mr. --- saw Celie just as a toilet where he went and did his business. Nevertheless celies husban dont just marry her to teke care of his children as say page 66, he also abuse phisically of her, beating her all the time, it doesnt matter what the reason was. Mr. ___ just wanted to be seen as a man who could have the control over his house and his wife. He always beat me when you not here (pag. 78). Walker showed a clear example of womans abused in celie wich all those abuse impacted her in ways that marked her forever.

To cotinue is necesary to mension that according to Walker a woman who encaounter a mysony problem could liberate from it, but with a lot of help of their supportive person especially women who may feel her suffering. To illustrate, by the character of Shug Avery a self- sufficient person, lovely and mentally strong woman and Sofia a very strong woman, Walker showed how women supported each other. There where people who eventually liberate Celie from Mr. ---- and even from herself, to find the way of love and also be a self-contained person. For exmaple, Nettie Celies sister was her teacher, she touch her how to read and write. Also she helped Celie through the letters as is showed in page140, she showed Celie that there is a world outside of her horrible jail, touch her that she could be something and fight to liberate her, to know the world. Youve got to fight and get away from Albert (Pg. 137). However there was another influence person in Celie. Shug was a penson who Celie really admire, she liked how Shug dressed, how she talk and walk. Shug was the first person who touch Celie what love really means, also touch her that she could be more, could do whatever she wanted without injure any body even God. Shug was lover, mother and techer of life. I brought you here to love you and help you get on your feet (pag. 218). Without any doubt Sofia Harpo Mr. ---- sons wife, touch Celie to reveal and denfendent herself. Celie was jealous of Sofia because she was a strong woman, was a person who speaks in front of every body and says whatever she wanted to say and fights to defend her rights and also any man could beat her. Some women cant be beat, I say. Sofia one of them ( peg.66). Through the characterization of those women Walker shows how a person can be change just looking the personality of somebody and listening to what they say.

At the same time Walker showed how celie doesnt stop and got her individuality thanks to her liberation. Celie liberate herself from Mr.--- and even from the Celie who never fight, who never laugh, who never said I did it perfect or I could love and do whatever I desire to do. But Celie stared to make pants for herself, for her friends and for women. Those pants were Celies liberation and made her more secure about her self. I may be ugly, but Im here (pag.214). Celies vacation or occupation allows her the chance to realize her individuality because she began to make pants as a hobby and as a work which then allow her to realize her individuality. Every stitch I sew will be a kiss (peg. 221). On the other hands, Celies pants metaphorically showed the equality between men and women. Also it is a metaphor of rebellion against men, it is allowed men to know that women are equal to them, that a clothes or physic force dont declare who you are and what you can do. Celie expressed her individuality showing that she is a person not a pet of any body. Im pore, Im black, I may be ugly and cant cook. But Im here (pag.214). Celies individuality and liberation impact every body, especially Mr. ___ who was surprise to see how his throne of a strong man could be handled by a woman who speaks to him in the way that just him could do. Take off they pants, I say, and men look like frogs to me. /no matter how you kiss em, as far as Im concern, frogs is what they stay (peg. 261).

However is necessary to know that Celies liberation in turn liberated Mr. __ because he was an authoritarian and backward man who doesnt enjoy his life or even made a stop to see what is around him, he just acted like a man having the control over his wife and house. When Celie liberate herself and decided to leave him, he could not believe it and start to turn in a different person. Mr.___ doesnt liked to talk with woman and even work, but after Celies liberation he turned in a hard worker man, which touch him to appreciated and accept the work of every body including Celies pants. He works real hard too. What I say. Mr. __ work! (peg. 229). Also Mr.__ turned in a pacific man, lovely with every body and the most important he put away her role of a man and began to sew shirts with help of Celie. Now us sit sewing and talking and smoking our pipes (pag. 279). Celie helped Mr.__ to know himself, to do something which helped him to know womens world or womens work, as Walker showed in page 279. In addiction, Mr. ___ shirt liberated him, putted him between the genders or roles of women and man. Without dough Celies liberation allows Mr.___ to love and to feel more constables with himself, to forgive and to accepted everybody as equal.

To conclude Walker give us a clear understanding of what genders role is and the importance of have a balance between the genders. She touch us the importance of equality between men and women, the importance of not be swayed by instinct. Also is necessary to know that the instability of balance between genders make women feel fool, feel like a machine and without any right. Also this instability make men feel in the top and look at women lees than them. Walker shows those instability between genders to let us know that if we get the necessary balance, we could have a better society and could live a better life as Celie and Mr. ___ did.

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