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War in The Iliad Essay



In explaining the war aspects in The Iliad, we find out the process of the war in both the praising and condemning of it. In The Iliad it is written in a way that sound like they are examining both aspects of the war and not just picking one side. The Iliad is not praising or condemning war but just examining the aspects in both views of the war.

The praising of war in The Iliad is shown by both men wanting to fight to death. By fighting to death they would be honorable in their acts. As a snake in the hills, guarding his hole, awaits a man bloated with poison, deadly hatred seething inside him, / Glances flashing fire as he coils around his lair. That quote from the book is saying Hector is the snake nervously waiting for his enemy who is Achilles, the man who is bloated with hatred towards Hector. Even though Hector is nervous, he is willing to stand and guard his place. Achilles is coming to set things right and fight Hector like a man.

The condemning in The Iliad with the war of Achilles and Hector is shown to be unfair. The advantages one man has over the other are really big and noticeable in the story. ..So with you and me. No Love between us no true/ Till one or the other falls and gluts with blood.../. With the quote saying that Achilles is not going to be kind to Hector. Hector has pleaded for Achilles to honor his body but Achilles has too much hatred towards Hector. The unfair advantages that Achilles has is being strong and knowing about the armor that Hector is wearing and Hector has some strength but Hector still wants to be respected for fighting to his death. The Gods had favored Achilles life and Hector knows he is going to die but he is not going to die just lying down but going to fight to death.

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