Relationships in Of Mice and Men, The Scarlett Letter, and The Adventures of Huc Essay


Something that people just tend to do naturally is find someone to pair off with. Its almost as if there is something pulling people together whether it is something the people know about or not. Just like in real life books show many instances where people get paired together for some big reason. OF Mice and Men, The Scarlett Letter, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn all show where people get paired up almost as if there is some greater force driving these characters toward each other.

Of Mice and Mens George and Lenny are two people from two totally different backgrounds that come together despite all odds in order to become wealthier and make it in the big world. Each must thrive off of what the other is best at Lenny is smart and witty, while George is big and strong, but lacking a little intelligence. Alone they have their individual flaws, but together they work together to accomplish their goals no matter what they are. This relationship shows that any two people can be paired with someone even if they think it is important or not. George and Lenny are complete opposites, but despite all odds they are forced together at an instant that permanently ties them together. One cannot survive without the other for both of their individual reasons. Both Lenny and George dream of being wealthy and eventually making something of themselves. In order to obtain this wealth and luxury they must stay together and help each other because without one both characters goals would be unobtainable. George and Lennys relationship is important to the story because their friendship that they develop through the book explains the internal conflict that Lenny goes through to realize that he must kill George. This complicated relationship between friends, shows that anyone can become paired to another person no matter if thats your intent or not.

An even odder relationship is the one between Chillingworth and Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter. As soon as they meet and get married they are instantly stuck together for life even if they are not married. According to Hester the marriage was never a true marriage out of love, but just an attempt at a better life, but despite this fact Chillingworth still loved and cared for Hester as if some kind of love would come back to him in return. This odd couple will forever be tied together because of the muddy past they had that was never resolved for Chillingworth until he finds out with whom Hester committed adultery with. This mystery creates a very interesting relationship between the two characters because even though he is the Colonys doctor he spends much of his time constantly in search of who got his beloved wife pregnant. This never-ending task for Hesters husband causes him to appear in many eerie scenes in the book because Hester just cant seem to get away from him. He is constantly digging further and further to find out the answers to his questions, which only leads him closer to Hester. Also, the more involved Hester and Pearl get with the town only leads them closer to Chillingworth because when he mysteriously came from no where and announce he was a doctor people immediately clung to him to help them. These people just so happen to be very closely involved in the judgment of Hester and Pearls fate. It seems that the further away from Chillingworth Hester goes the quicker she is drawn back even closer than before unable to get away. Also, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth are connected through the same issue that draws Him and Hester so close together. Since Dimmesdale is the actual father of Pearl; he is the man that Chillingworth searches for night and day without rest. Through dramatic irony in the book it always seems as if his secret will be discovered because of the tone of the author or just the actions of the characters that hints so intensely that Dimmesdale is the one Chillingworth seeks, but turns out to be a never ending game of cat and mouse between the two characters that just brings them closer together. It is only the secret of Pearls origins that causes these people to be joined together no matter what happens. Finding out the secret of Hesters adultery is what drives Chillingworth,m but at the same time keeping the secret is what drives and tortures Dimmesdale over time. A vicious cycle that is kept in motion by each persons own ambitions.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn also pairs characters together such as Huck and Jim. Even though Huck has been raised to believe that African Americans are dirty, stupid, and bothersome people Huck discovers that Jim is a good friend that sticks by his side through thick and thin. Huck cannot do many of the crazy things he does without the help or knowledge of his friend Jim. Huck and Jim lived in a time where African Americans were not slaves any more, but were treated badly and given poor job opportunities. This didnt not stop Huck from depending on his curious side and befriending Jim. Huck is surprised by what all he has to learn about Jim because the cultural gap was pretty big between African Americans and white people. No matter how bad things around Jim and Huck both stay close by each other because just like in Of Mice and Men both couples dream of a better life with more wealth and opportunities.

These novels show how people have a tendency to attach themselves to another person and cling to them despite their situation. Two opposites can attract each other and often tend to do so having big effects. These effects can be good as seen in Of Mice and Men or Huck Finn or bad such as the dangerous triangle in The Scarlet Letter. All of these stories have a common theme where two unlikely people join together and things start to happen .

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