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Commentary on Girls In Pants : The Third Summer Of The Sisterhood Essay


The Third Summer of the Sisterhood is about four girls who have found magical pants that fit them each perfectly. And it seems as if everytime they have a problem and they are wearing the pants it just seems to get better. Now they are all off to college and about to embark on a wonderful, yet difficult journey. They learn how to start new lives without each other but they all still carry on one another in their heart as they go along. Tibby is faced with a decision of dating her close friend Brian and she feels guilty after her little sister falls out of a window she leaves open. Carmen takes a job looking after Lena's grandmother and decides to go to college when she discovers her mom and her boyfriend are expecting a baby. Bridget is reunited with her first love from soccer camp. Finally, Lena is trying to convince her father that she should go to art school and she tries to get over her first love.

Tibby is one of my favorite characters in this series. She has always been very quiet and she had something tragic happen to her in the first book. In this book she struggles with love and feeling bad about something. Brian, the guy who has been her best friend throughout the years has suddenly told her he has feelings for her. She wants to have feelings back but she is scared of what it could do to their friendship. She also struggles because she leaves a window open and her sister ends up falling out of the two-story window. Tibby is a very strong and wonderful character and makes these books great.

Most girls my age would love this book just as I did. This book is full of love and many struggles that teens our age would face. It teaches lessons and could possibly help out in any situations we would go through today. However, guys my age might not like this cause it is based on four girls and just probably most situations that a teenage girl would face.

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