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Commentary on The Kite Runner Essay


After Amir wins the kite tournament, his relationship with Baba undergoes a change. They go from not communicating much to being friends of a sort. When this happens Amir is still unhappy, even though all he wanted was a better relationship with Baba. Baba contributes to Amirs state of mind and eventually their relationship went back to the way it was before Amir had won the tournament.

Amir and Babas relationship changed after Amir wins the kite tournament. When Amir wins Baba is finally proud of him, which allows a friendship to grow between the two of them. Even though this happens, Amir is still unhappy. In order to make Baba proud of him, he had to witness Hassan getting raped to save the last kite. Amir will also not tell anyone because one of his first thoughts of Hassan being sacrificed for the kite was that Hassan was just a Hazara (Hosseini 77). He didnt want anyone to know that he was a coward and that he didnt try to save Hassan due to his own selfish reasons.

Baba would contribute to Amirs state of mind by bringing up Hassan. He would ask Amir if he wanted Hassan to go places with them, when, in reality, Amir didnt want to think about Hassan at all. Baba also threw a big party for Amir, but Amir knew that he only did it because he won the kite tournament. If he had not won he never would have gotten a party. At this party, Amir received many presents, but referred to them as blood money and refused to pay much attention to any of them (101).

In the novel, Amir admits that they deceived [themselves] into thinking that a toy made of tissue paper, glue, and bamboo could somehow close the chasm between [them] (87). Amir means that one little thing, especially a kite, couldnt have brought the two of them closer forever. In order for their relationship to be truly fixed, Amir would have to do several things over the span of his life to impress Baba and gain his acceptance. This passage is significant because it shows that even Amir knew, deep down, that winning the tournament wouldnt fix everything. By Amir knowing this, it comes to the realization that letting Hassan get raped was really for nothing.

In The Kite Runner, Amir and Babas relationship encounters a drastic change. The two of them become close once Amir wins the tournament, but Amir remains unhappy. This is partly due to the contribution of Baba. After some time their relationship returns to the way it was before.


Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York, NY: Riverhead Trade (Paperbacks), 2004. Print.

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