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Commentary on The Kite Runner Essay


Everyone must aware of the name of Afghanistan. Since the 9/11 tragedy, the US government accused the Talibans terrorist from Afghanistan as the culprit. The US military force attacked the Talibans in Afghanistan and conquer them in no time. US government claimed that they have the Afghan people from the suppression from the Talibans government.

Despite of all the incidents that are happening in Afghanistan, the author of The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini, has written a powerful fiction novel about friendship and loyalty of two Afghan boys. Amir, the main character in the book, has betrayed Hassan, his childhood friend. Due to the wars that are happening in Afghanistan, he and his father move to USA. However, Amirs past and guilty is calling him back to his homeland. He returns to Afghanistan to rescue Hassans son from the Taliban regime. Amir and Hassans relationship since childhood has lead them into numerous incidents which test their friendship and loyalty and will change their life forever.

The beginning part of the novel tells us about Amir, Hassan, and their family live peacefully in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. Amir and Hassan are together most of the time; they cannot be separated. However, Amir is sometimes jealous of Hassan because Amirs father, Baba, loves him so much. Once, when Amir is reading a book to Hassan, Hassan asks what the word imbecile means. Amir lies to him by telling it means smart or intelligent. On the other hand, Hassan is very loyal to Amir and will do anything for him. When they are bullied by Assef and his friends, Hassan protects Amir threat Assef not to tease them anymore. These incidents shows Hassans courage as Amirs servant and best friend.

Probably the most important part in this novel, is the kite-fighting championship. As a team, Amir and Hassan works well to win the contest. After Amir beats the last kite, Hassan runs for the kite while saying For you, a thousand times over! (67). This event is the best evidence to show Hassans loyalty to Amir. However, what happens next is a complete opposite. When Hassan runs into a trouble by Assef and his friends, Amir doesnt help him. In the end, he runs away without giving any single help to Hassan who is being raped (77).

Amir always feels terrible of letting Hassan get raped. He stays away from Hassan and denies to hang out with him. On the other hand, Hassan realizes that there is something wrong wit Amir. He keeps asking Amir about his problems (88); however he never gets the answer.

Because of his guilty feeling, Amir cannot stand being together with Hassan anymore. During his birthday party, Amir sees Hassan serving Assef, the one who rapes him (100).

To get rid of Hassan, fiorst Amir tries to ask Baba whether they should have new servants or no. However, Baba hates the idea and yells at Amir (90). Finally, Amir accused Hassan of stealing his watch, and surprisingly, Hassan doesnt deny it. He confesses of a crime that he doesnt do and leaves from Babas mansion (105). Why does Hassan do that? The answer is quite obvious: Hassan never lies, and if Hassan denies the crime, Baba will find out that Amir is the real culprit. Hassan has said that he will do anything for his Amir-Agha; he must have realized that Amir wants him to leave the house. And Hassan leaves.

Amir always feel guilty about what he has done to Hassan. After years, Amir who now lives in USA, is called by his past. An old friend of him and Baba, Rahim Khan, asks Amir to save Hassans son who is captured by the Talibans. Rahim Khan is sure that there is a way to be good again (2) for Amir to atone his pas tsins. Amir risks his life to rescue Hassan and adopts him as his son.

Hassan is very loyal to Amir and will do anything Amir asks to him. Hassan say this briefly by himself, when Amir asks him whether Hassan will eat dirt for him, and he answers If you asked, I would. (54). Hassan never makes Amir disappointed and always lead him to the right way. When Amir is in trouble, Hassan protects him.

Hassans loyalty to Amir and his family doesnt end there. After Amir and Baba leaves their house and live in USA, Rahim Khan is the only one who takes care of ther mansion. However, he is getting old and cannot do everything by himself anymore. He decides to go to Hazarajat, where Ali and Hassan live. He finds Hassan, who has his family already, whether he wants to come back to his old house and help him to take care of the house. Hassan accepts it. He guards and takes cares of the house until one day the Talibans come. They told Hassans family to move out from there, but Hassan refuses. In the end, he and his wife are executed there, leaving his son, Sohrab, alone.

During their childhood, Amir and Hassan are like brothers. Because Amir mother died and Hassans mother left him, they used to feed from the same breasts. Later in this part of the book, Amir finds out that actually Hassan is also his fathers son. Hassans father is actually sterile, so he got Hassan from Baba. Amir knows about this after Hassan dies and regrets everything he has done to Hassan during his childhood.

When Amir tries to rescue Sohrab from the Talibans, he encounters many obstacles. The worst one is that Sohrab is in the hand of his old enemy, Assef. At first, Amir does not want to get into a trouble, he states that he just want Sohrab with him and will pay Assef for him (276). However, Assef will not let Sohrab go easily. He and Amir goes into a fight and Assef hurts him so badly. Surprisingly, Amir felt at peace every time Assef hits him. He feels that these are the backlashes for him when he betrays Hassan. During their childhood, Amir provokes Hassan to hit him with pomegranate, however Hassan doesnt want to do it.

After rescuing Sohrab from the Talibans, Amir tries his best to bring Sohrab with him to America. He promises Sohrab that he will not go to orphans anymore and applies for Sohrab adoption from US embassy. They find so many obstacles during this process and Sohrab almost commits a suicide. However, Amir always stand by his side and gives him comfort. By doing this, Amir hopes he can atone his sin to his best friend and half-brother. On the other hand, Sohrab gets attached to Amir as his own father.

Friendship is not just a usual bond. A true friend is not just someone you know his or her name; a true friend is someone you put your trust on and you will protect him or her from any obstacles. During Amir and Hassans childhood, Hassan is very loyal to Amir and is a true friend for Amir. On the other hand, Amir is jealous to Hassan and is not willing to protect him when Hassan gets into trouble. Amir is not a true friend for Hassan, however Hassan still consider him as his best friend.

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