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Go Ask Alice Essay


Title of the book is Go Ask Alice. Author of the book is anonymous, but this is Alices diary. The genre of the book is Non fiction, the book was publicated August 1972. In the beginning of the story the author makes the setting very nice, polite and comforting feeling. As soon as she moves away a dark cloud goes over the scene, during the bad time she runs away to San Francisco with Chris, and tries to live on her. She ends up moving back and start living with her grandparents, which she loves dearly. She usually stays at home or at a friends house getting stoned. Does not specifically say where she lives though.

During the story she gets introduced to many different people but they end up not being the best choices. Alice is the teen writing the book, she is a very self-conscious girl and has extremely low self-esteem. With most of the time she doesnt believe in herself. She lives with her mom and dad which are both supporting her threw everything. Then her grandparents which she respects and take cares of them, they love her but have no idea about her other personality. Then theres Roger, which is her first crush were she lived before she moved. He was stuck on himself, but had a good friendship with Alice. Beth Baum is a girl she met walking home one day from school. Beth is the first Jewish friend to Alice and they talk about everything to boys, sex and movies. Bill is a boy she meet that made her start using LSD, and was a bad influence to her, and she looses herself to him with big regrets too. Chris is a girl that Alice works with, and does drugs with. Mr. Mellani is Alices boss, she works for and he fires her for using drugs. No one changes threw out the book besides Alice, going threw her ups and downs with drugs and sex. And just trying to fit with all of the other teenagers, she gets hooked on a few drugs but then changes and goes back to being a non-drugy and gets her life together again.

Alice was an average 14 year old teenager, she went to highschool had a lot of friends and then her world change. Her dad was promoted to a dean and a universaity. They move near the grandparents she calls gran and grams. She starts her new highschool with making her new best friend Beth. Beth and alice go threw a time were its cool to use drugs. Alice goes to a party and starts using the drug LSD and gets addicted to coke, pcp, and LSD. She starts selling marajuna to middle school kids. Alice thought her parents were picking on her so she decided to go to San Fransico with beth. As she gets there she realises that she needs her parents suport, she moves back home.

While home she starts to have a lot of sex with multiple partners and thinks shes pregnant, she goes threw all of the drug abuse, and hatred in her life. She starts doing the drugs and is so close to suicide. Then she sees light and stops everything wrong in her lfie. She starts to get closer to her grandparents and family. And then all of a sudden her grandfather dies. Then she finally realises that she needs to be a big girl and stop writing in a journal, to be able to take on life. As soon as she stops writing 3 weeks later she dies unexpedively, while watching t.v. at home. It wasnt an overdose or suicide.

The many different themes in Alices life involve, Difficulty of Communication Alice begins her diary because she has no one else to talk to, and she spends her energy searching not for drugs, but for someone who understands her. Problems of Adolescent Identity She begins as an insecure girl who worries about sex and popularity, and, to an extent, these anxieties persist throughout her diary; sex continually plays on her mind, whether through her fear of pregnancy or dependency on men, and she remains concerned with what others think of her, especially when she goes "straight." Drugs and the hippie counterculture of drugs, and sex, Alice whose discontentment with her middle-class upbringing is strong in the first few sections of the diary and whenever she reverts to drugs. Also. sexual assault Alice documents several cases of sexual assault, either on her or on others. Alice and Chris are molested by Sheila and her boyfriend; Alice performs oral sex for drugs, a boy from school threatens to rape her.

Metaphor- I couldnt believe that was gramps lying in the casket. It was just a tired, drained, skeleton covered by skin. That one day maggots and worms will eat away all of that. Page 122

Simile- They have accepted me as an individual, as a personality, as an entity. I belong! I am important! I am somebody! Page 89

Personification- I love acid! They understand life and acid understands me, it talks to me when it needs me as much as I need it. Page 97

Symbol- I was taking my round of LSD and I thought it told me to stop, stop so you dont ruin your life. I thought to myself, why am I doing this, it told me to stop, so stop! Page 136

Most of the story has similes, metaphors, personification and symbols. Threw out it describes her unique side and her intelegence. The story is very literary and has meaning behind everything she says.

This story to me is the best book Ive ever read! The book shows you how other people live and what they go threw. Many american teens go threw this expierence that she went threw. It opened my eyes that everyones life is not perfect. People have there ups and downs, and some people when the fall they stay down. The book showed me I have the courage and responsibilties to get threw life. And that I cant just do it by myself, I need my family and friends. I wish the book would have never end. And in such a sad way, the book really touched me, Ill never forget this book.

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