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Gone for good Essay


1st semester book report

Gone for Good: by Harlan Coben

When Will was younger, he has his older brother Ken to look up to. But one night, a girl that Will once loved was found dead in her basement, and everyone suspected Ken. Ken vanished spending the next decade as the topic of most rumors and an international manhunt. And because he never kept in contact, his family simply brushed him off and thought he was gone for good.

Eleven years pass and Will, who has always believed his brothers innocence, has found evidence that Ken is still alive. Then out of nowhere Wills girlfriend disappears, leaving behind evidence that she was not the person Will thought she was. Trying to figure out the two mysteries, Will is pulled into a load of deception. As the lies begin to unravel, Will finds himself closer to finding his brother, and the truth about Ken, his girlfriend, and even himself.

I chose to write about this book because it was the only crime novel I had. I found it pretty good because it had many twists in the plot that kept me in book. If I had to change something, I would change the way the story was approached. Everything was happening too fast, and the story was predictable. So I would darken the tone, slow the pace, and add to the mystery.

There are some parts where forensics is mentioned. Actually at all the crime scenes they find fingerprints, blood, and hair fibers, which are then processed and analyzed in a lab. And eventually establishes leads. And Will uses evidence to solve the whole mystery.

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