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Good Night Mr. Tom. Essay


The book good night Mr.Tom is a book about a young british boy named william beech, who is evacuated to the country because of the second world war. In this noval we can see how willie has changed both physically and emotionally. During the start of the book willie was a quiet and deprived child who was afraid to express himself, because of his mothers unstable state of mind. She seemed to be always angry and blamed all her problems on her son, whom she would often beat and later say to him that the beating was nessesary as punishment for his sins. we know this from the letter his mum wrote on page 28, and the bruised body mentioned on page30."like boys he's full of sins, i've put a belt in for when he's bad."

Because of the evacuation to the country from london, willie is sent away to stay under the care of Mr.Tom Oakley who is a old respectable man in the town of little Weirwold. He lives in a cottage with his dog Sammy. Willie starts to change in becoming more confident in himself, creative, and he even starts to change the way he speaks (his accent). His change of surroundings has also made it possible for him to change. For example London to Little Weirwold, the busy city to the quiet peaceful country side. His mother who was cruel and showed no signs of love towards him, Mr. Oakley who's kind and gentle toward willie, he feeds him properly, buys clothes for him, lets him go to school and doesnt physically abuse him.

Willie used to be skinny and afraid to do most things. Now he has changed, grown taller and meatier, gained confidence. But soon all of his happiness is shattered when his motherwants him back. When she sees him she does not recognise him, and she noticed how much he has changed and wasnt pleased then beats him, locks him in a room then leaves him for dead. But Mr.Tom comes and rescues him and in the end adopts him as his son.

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