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Everything That Rises Must Converge Essay


Everything That Rises Must Converge

I really liked this story, as I am sure many people felt the same way Julians mother did during the time of desegregation. It is very sad to know that people would go out of their way, mainly white people, to discredit the honor or worth of a person of color or lower class.

Julian seemed like an incredibly ungrateful person. I realize that he was embarrassed of his mothers prejudice, but he treated her very badly. It seemed as though he was ashamed of who they were and his mother was proud of whom they were. Although she was insistent upon who they cam from and how important the grandfather was, Julian still through they were unimportant figures of society. I believe he was always irritated with his mother because of her constant belittling of the negro race, which is understandable. I can only imagine how difficult it was during that time for a white person to have sympathy for black people and how they were treated. Even though Julian seemed like he sympathized for them, I think he was only doing it to spite his mother.

It is very sad to see that it took his mother getting hit in the face by someone and becoming delusional for him to actually show, or act, like he cared for her. This is a common occurrence in the lives of many people, as they do not know what they have until it is gone, or that person thinking it is almost gone. Julian seemed like the type of person that felt like his mother was holding him back from what he really wanted to do and instead of actually admitting that, he made himself believe that he did not have a future ahead of him, even though he knew that he could have one. It was easier to blame his mother because she needed someone to take care of her and could not afford a maid or live-in nurse so he had to stay with her. He constantly belittled her, as he tried so hard not to do because she did it to others, and when there was a possibility that something may happen to her, he began to feel remorse.

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