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Football as a God in Friday Night Lights Essay


Friday night lights by H.G Bissinger is a story about a strange powerful god a towns unnatural passion, s being sacrificed. The plot was centered around six boys who were fortuned by the pressure of the game, the pressure of team and the pressure of the relatives and towns people. Their mission was to win regardless of the sacrifice. Football became their god their god and their only reason for living was to win.

For example, one place in the book one of the main player didnt had such a good performance because he dropped the ball when catching it and the same night after game finished his dad made him feel so bad that he wanted to quit team. A second example was when Bobbie Miles got hurt everyone thought that the team was broken because if any of those six boys couldnt perform team would not be the same and people believe that to be true.

To keep the pride of the school, town boys were viewed as unwitting sacrifices because they had too much pressure on them to win every game. If they lost or someone had a bad performance, Odessa was so small that everyone would knew. The player who messed-up would be treated badly. Town people would be sarcastic to him or about him. If there was a game with any other school, all the stores got close. The whole town was basically shutdown for the football game, and there was a big discussion about the game the next morning, in school, at bars and at work.

There was too much pressure on the players to play well and win and maintain the pride of their school. Their team and their town always expected victory. They basically thought football was everything and everything revolved around it. No matter what the boys or the players were thinking or what their feelings were. The town people think that boys were unwitting sacrifices for whom they could sit and cheer for. The boys did all the work on the field and suffered the pressure of whole town, school, friends, and their parents. They basically sacrificed all of their wishes for the football game became a god. They played once in month with other team or school but they practiced all year destroying their wishes or what they wanted to do in life.

I think both things are true about the players and the team that they are unwitting sacrifices, and that they only revolve around the one powerful god for whom they sacrificed for their whole youth. In the end if any player got hurt and they didnt have any academic career, they were basically destroyed for their whole life because no college would accept them. Their athletic career was over if there was an injury. The sad fact was that many players didnt paid attention to their academic so they were not good students. Not being a good student totally destroyed them if they are injured because they were depend their whole career on the foot ball or being a athletic student, what happens with Boobie Mile in this novel.

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