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The Storm Essay


It is now a category 5 storm with wind gusts up to 200km/hr. Severe flooding is expecting as it heads directly towards us The weatherman warned grimly. It is expected to hit the Callahn area in the early hours of tomorrow morning with severe and devastating force. Catastrophic damages are to be expected.

Hush fell over the three adults and four children as they all silently watched the TV in the cramped living room. Grim faces watched mesmerised as the weatherman began to speak once more. The storms surge is expected to rise as much as 5 to 6 metres. Officials warn everyone living to low-lying areas to evacuate to higher grounds immediately.

Everyone was afraid of the coming storm, which was easily noticeable by the expressions on all their faces. Ashmol and everyone else planned to out ride the storm together, in their home. Im not worried, declared Ashmol. Its going to be just like the last storm- no big deal.

I agree with you Ashmol. Im staying right here. His mum sounded like she had not a single doubt with what Ashmol had said.

Outside in the darkness, howling wind and pelting rain made it impossible to hear the TV> Ashmol ignored him and returned to reading hi comic book. Across the room, his younger sister, Crissy, sat twirling her hair in her fingers. Why it is all the big storms always come at night?

To make it more scary! Teased her brother Travis.

There is nothing to be afraid of. It will all be over by morning. Her mum reassured.

The small living room was hot, sticky and crowded. Presses together on the couch were Ashmol mum, 15yr old brother Travis and 23yr old sister, Tamara. Aunt Belle was on the recliner with 7yr old Lilly on her lap. Ashmol, 16, sat on the floor with Crissy, Traviss twin.

The power went off at about 10. We might as well turn in for the night, his mum suggested as she and Tamara began pulling out the fold out couch with the assistance of Aunt Belle and a flashlight. Not much else we can do in the dark.

Shortly before dawn, his mother shook Ashmol awake. Ashmol wake up! Water is coming into the house! One the grogginess cleared, Ashton realised his bed was soaked. His mother shinned the flashlight onto the floor revealing 5cm of water.

Ashmol took the flashlight and aimed it out the window. Floodwater has nearly swallowed up the family car. He looked down to see the water rising from between the floorboards. For the first time since the storm began, Ashmol was worried.

The deafening noise of the screaming wind, rattling wind and whimpering family made it hard for Ashmol to concentrate on what to do. Tamara and Aunt Belle had rounded everyone into the kitchen on onto the table.

The house was rocking and creaking from the howling wind and ever-strengthening wind and rising water from the surge. Water from the damaged roof was steadily dripping from various spots in the ceiling.

Outside the street had turned into a raging whit caped river. Looking about 40metres past the submerged car, he saw the next-door neighbours house was on higher ground. The house was made on a cement block so he figured it would withstand the storms wrath better than their house, which had a wooden frame.

Mum, we need to get to the Wilsons!

But that means we would have to swim in the flood, she shook her head. Well all drown!

We have no choice, he declared. If we stay here we will drown anyway. The water inside the house was at the knees of the adults and rising. I dont know how long we have until the house gets knocked off is foundations. Ashmol walked over to the kitchen table.

Who knows how to swim? he asked. Disturbingly only Travis raised his hand. Tamara put her hand up halfway. I sort of know how to float.

Maybe we should wait a little? His mother protested. The storm should be over soon.

As daylight came, the storm intensified and the surge kept rising until it was in line with the windowsills. Water was seeping through cracks in the walls. Worse yet the o house began to tilt.

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