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The Storm Essay



Kate Chopin (1851)-(1904) is the author and writer of this story. She is show-casing the type of literature she wrote for good part of her life while raising six children after her husband died. She was a well to do writer but her style of writing was not accepted at the time of her history. I guess raising six children gave her an active imagination. I believe she had figured out a womens perlude in life , her fantasies. Not until some decades later did her writing get an audience.

The rain is the theme that brings two old flams into each-other arms again. Alcee seems pushy, in a sense by the way he just roughly plops himself on a rocking chair a sign of getting comfortable. hes body language and intent is disrespectful. He is watching Calixta, and when she is looking out the window he goes behind her and looks over her shoulder joining her.

The rain is much personified and Chopin uses a lot of word descriptions in forms of onomatopoeia. The rain is strictly persistent, showing its neediness to continue its course. It gives me a feeling of coziness. Chopin brings Alcee and Calixta together under the influence of the rain, the worst the rain gets the closer the writer gets them together even by a touch. Alcee arms encircle her, when the tree is struck by lightning. The writer allows the influence of the moment to put Calixta in Alcee arms. He really takes advantage of that moment, he draws her close and spasmodically to him.

Calixta is a women put in the time frame of 1880s who husband and child is out to the pharmacy, here she is left alone to the advantages of the rain and her rekindling

old flam who finds safety out of the rain. Mean while, her husband Bobinot and child Bibi must wait out the storm at the pharmacy which gives the love birds time to reacquaint themselves.

Holding her in his arm aroused that old feeling of infatuation he had to keep under lock and key for so long, Had aroused all the old-time infatuation and desire for her flesh.

The Writer allows Calixta to become aroused to Alcee, details about her hair, lips and bosom that disturbs his mind in a very hot way. He even moves her hair away from her face, getting intermit, He pushed her hair back from her face that was warm and steaming, her lips, moist as pomegranate seeds, the firm bosom disturbed him. She gave into advances as of waiting for that moment all her life (Birth Right), he gave her the green light to reveal her want, both free willing consummate a long standing long ago romance, since five years. As she glanced up at him the fear in her liquid blue eyes had given place to a drowsy gleam that unconsciously betrayed a sensuous desire.

They must have dated before she was married, I dont know why they didnt marry, and he reminds her of the past. Do you remember-an Assumption, Calixta? He asked in a low voice broken by passion. They never became intermit before this stormy day. The way Chopin uses words to describe, like White monument bed, white couch, creamy lily, and white flam, his own sensuous nature that had never been reach, describes a moment a bride and groom who was looking forward to consummating their marriage. The love making that they both experience was announcing their love they felt for each other for so long, but never got a chance to prove. The writer goes into great detail about the climax of their consummation, a bride giving unto the groom and with no restrictions.

The way Chopin describes the rain is a symbol of their consummation, the driving force behind the description of the rain giving power to their encounter. The growling, torrent, and,playing of the lightening was incessant, like Alcee was incessant with his pushy desire for Calixta. Its as if he knew all along that one day these passions they had would rekindle and flam. Just as the rain had been patient in coming for Calixtra so was Alcee passions.

Alcee sounds more educated then Bobinot, because the writer displays him with poor English grammar, which makes a person seem illiterate, but Alcees English is more punctual and exact. Bobinot is described as a caring husband who loves Calixtra. Calixtra English is also poor. It seems Bobinot and Calixtra lived in a rural area in 1889. She did have a sewing machine; maybe she worked out of the house for the locals and maybe had little money. she aired out the clothes that her son wore for Sunday church. But Alcee is described with arriveing on a horse, where Bobinot and his four year old have to walk every-where on foot. Alcees wife Clarisse is mentioned at the end, which is away and on holiday at some bay, pretty exclusive for that time, the society was agreeable, many of her old friends and aquatints where at the bay. It is obvious that Calixta and Alcee had a history from the past, and that Alcee had a tremendous passion for her, a passion that was forever hers and no-one else. The intimate feelings he held for her and wasnt able to give. Maybe it was because they came from different worlds, his being rich and hers poor. He was honorable to her, leaving her untouched for marriage. Until his sensed would well nigh fail, and save her he resort to a desperate flight. This says it all.

Calixta husband sees her as moral and just and god fearing. I dont know why she gave into Alcee, especially that he never married her if he desired her so much. Was it just to conquer her beauty, although he thinks of her as an, immaculate dove. I guess Calixta had nothing to lose. Alcee never says he loves her; its more like lusting her. Passion can be possible for a person if it arouses the unknown, but love, well that takes time and it should be acted upon if you really think you love someone. It is not clear to me which type of love he has, because he may always be aroused by Calixta appearance, maybe more than the proper Mrs. Clarisse, Alcees wife. No matter what the reason may be I believe both Alcee and Calixta will continue their secret life together.

I loved the climax it was enjoyable and I can personally relate, it is like a quick intense dream any man or women would like for themselves, a consummation of love.

It takes place in a cabin in the hot summer day-time. The conflict is getting Calixta to get her to the realization of her passion for Alcee and through their encounter.

The denouement is lovely and sad to me. I know he has a passion to last her a life time, but because they come from different stations in life it is unforeseeable, that is if they are never caught, because of the laughter she emanates when Alcee is riding away says it all. He turned and smiled at her with a beaming face; and she lifted her pretty chin in the air and laughed aloud, as if to say, I will see you again darling.

There were many clues that joined the rain with Alcees thundering passion for Calixta. The attitude of the writer is sexy and provocative for characters involved in the steamy love scene.

My mood was enchanted and aroused to think wouldnt this be nice for me? But I dont think in the literal sense, I would go for it, but I know someone would, but the point is I like what will be exclusively mine.

The rain was a great symbol through-out the story and so were her sweating beads and drops. The beginning of the rain setting the scene and the end closes off the consummation, leaving everything back to normal.

The use of onomatopoeia words where used to describe the rain throughout the text bringing personification to the rain.

I believe the main character Calixta was in conflict with her letting go her passions and her thoughts for her familys safety.

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