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The Storm Essay


The Storm by Kate Chopin is a short story, that when it originally debuted, it caused many controversies. The story caused much controversy due to the fact that in other words it was ahead of its time. The story has been given this label because of the controversial manner in which Chopin tells of the two main characters committing adultery, and in a way not caring for their spouses. Ahead of its time and critically frowned upon then, the story now a days is considered a great story. One of the reasons that the story is considered a great story is the fact that it was written well, kept the reader on the edge, and of the way many writing techniques where use. The techniques that were used where exceptionally used, but one theme that was great in the story was the central image of the Storm in the story. This image captivates you in the story throughout thinking of how it is metaphorically used to compare it of the physical storm and the emotional storm that both of the characters have in the story.

In the Storm the fact that there is a storm brewing outside is quickly mentioned by Kate Chopin in the first paragraph when she states called the childs attention to certain somber clouds that were rolling with sinister intention from the west, accompanied by a sullen, threatening roar. This is the first instance in which she mentions the weather in the story. This is important because the weather in the story has a great deal in the story due to the relationship of Calixta and Alcee. But the Storm is the central image of the story because if you look at the story itself everything in the story revolves around the so called Storm. Everything revolves around it because of the physical wind blowing and the emotional storm that the two characters face. The Storm is the central image because every where you read in the story theirs reference to either the storm brewing outside or of them two wanting to finish what they had started years back. This central image causes the reader to think of both storms are very similar to each other and if not prepared well for can damage yourself. But it also shows that its better to weather the Storm in your own comfort than in any other way. It also uses the Storm as a central image because a storms sheer brute and force, that when strong enough can disrupt and bring down many things. This is true because of Calixta and Alcee unfinished business that they did not finish years back. The sheer emotions that they have for each other can topple their lives that they have settled and their new relationships. Their emotional storm of unfinished business can ruin their new relationships because they feel as if they are unfinished with each other and that the thing they had for each other that they had before is a raw brute force that compares to the storm thats brewing outside. Also the fact that the height of the storm is pounding outside is similar to the pounding thats going on inside. The wind that blows outside is a strong forc`e to be reckoned with but the wind that these both figures produce inside the house is another force to be reckoned with inside the hearts and minds or the lifes they live can never be the same and the question will always be their if what if.

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