Oliver Twist Study Guide

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist is the story of the titular orphan, Oliver, and his experiences as a foundling and, later, a criminal in Victorian London. Oliver begins his life in a workhouse administrated by the greedy and abusive Bumbles. Later he meets a burglar and pickpocket known as the Artful Dodger who introduces him to the crime boss Fagin. Oliver becomes involved in crime and leads a squalid, unpleasant life until finally being rescued by the charitable Mr. Brownhouse.

  • Oliver Twist– an orphan
  • Fagin– criminal boss of a gang of young boys
  • Nancy– a prostitute
  • Rose Maylie– Oliver's maternal aunt
  • Mrs. Lindsay Maylie– Harry Maylie's mother. Rose Maylie's adoptive aunt
  • Mr. Brownlow– a kindly gentleman who takes Oliver in
  • Monks– a sickly criminal, a cohort of Fagin's
  • Mr. Bumble– a beadle in the parish workhouse where Oliver was born
  • Bill Sikes– a professional burglar
  • Agnes Fleming– Oliver's mother
  • Mr. Leeford– Oliver's and Monks's father
  • Mr. Losberne– Mrs. Maylie's family doctor
  • Harry Maylie– Mrs. Maylie's son
  • The Artful Dodger– Fagin's most adept pickpocket
  • Charley Bates– a pickpocket
  • Old Sally– a nurse who attended Oliver's birth
  • Mrs. Corney– matron at Oliver's workhouse
  • Noah Claypole– a cowardly bully, Sowerberry's apprentice
  • Charlotte– the Sowerberrys' maid
  • Toby Crackit– an associate of Fagin and Sikes
  • Mrs. Bedwin– Mr. Brownlow's housekeeper
  • Bull's Eye– Bill Sikes' vicious dog
  • Monks's mother– an heiress
  • Mr. Sowerberry– an undertaker
  • Mrs. Sowerberry– Mr. Sowerberry's wife
  • Mr. Grimwig– a friend of Mr. Brownlow's
  • Mr. Giles– Mrs. Maylie's butler
  • Mr. Brittles– Mrs. Maylie's handyman
  • Mrs. Mann– superintendent of Oliver's workhouse
  • Mr. Gamfield– a chimney sweep
  • Bet– a prostitute
  • Mr. Fang– a magistrate
  • Barney– a Jewish criminal cohort of Fagin
  • Duff and Blathers– two incompetent policemen
  • Tom Chitling– one of Fagin's gang members

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