Rifles for Watie Study Guide

Rifles for Watie

Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith

  • Jefferson (Jeff) Davis Bussey– the protagonist. Originally an infantry private but later his whole company is trained as cavalrymen. After a long secret mission and daring escape he is promoted to sergeant and sent home.
  • Lucy Washbourne– Jeff's love interest, a young woman living in Tahlequah, Oklahoma (then Indian Territory)
  • Lee Washbourne– Lucy's brother, a Confederate soldier and scout. Killed by a firing squad in which Jeff unknowingly took a part. Jeff, however, did not shoot and did not realize that it was Lee, whom he had heard about from Lucy and Mrs. Washbourne, until he saw Lee's namaved on his watch.
  • Noah Babbitt– an itinerant printer, older than Jeff, and a Union soldier and a lover of nature.
  • Stand Watie– historical character, the last Confederate general to surrender at the war's end. His forces are described as "using old British one shot Enfield's and double barrel shotguns." The use of Spencer repeaters could mean a victory against Union soldiers.
  • James G. Blunt– historical character, Union general who battled to control Indian Territory.
  • David Gardner– Jeff's hometown friend who joins the Union Army with him.
  • John Chadwick– Another of Jeff's hometown friends who joins the Union Army with him.
  • Captain Asa Clardy– Jeff's commanding officer in the Union Army, and a major antagonist against Jeff. He is the one smuggling the Spencer Rifles to the Rebels. Eventually found killed and exposed postmortem as a traitor.
  • Heifer Hobbs– company cook and mentor for Jeff in the rebel army of Stand Watie.He stands up for Jeff when Sergent Fields accuses Jeff of being a Union spy.
  • Bill Earle– A friend Jeff made in the war, on the Union side
  • Stuart Mitchell - A union friend of Jeff who was captured be Waite's men and later escaped.He now hates Watie's men
  • Pete Millholland– One of Jeff's sergeants. He's killed by Rebels while cooking supper in Choctaw country
  • Jimmy - The 14-year-old drummer boy for the Union army. He is critically injured and later dies
  • Edith Bussey - Jeff's Mom
  • Emory Bussey - Jeff's father
  • Ring - Jeff's dog in Kansas
  • Dixie - A dog owned by a rebel who is killed at The battle Wilsons Creek.Jeff befriends her and keeps her,later leaving her with Lucy Washbourne.
  • Keegan - A commander for the Confederates.
  • Lieutenant Orff - Commander of the scout platoon that Jeff and Noah join after becoming cavalrymen. Carries a Spencer 7 shot rifle.
  • Sully - A "blood hound" that is supposed to be hunting Jeff when he befriends him. Sully also looks very sad and ugly.
  • Sergeant Fields - NCO for the company of Confederate cavalry Jeff joins.
  • Jim Bostwick - a scout that Jeff works with. Killed in a battle while posing as a Confederate.
  • Sparrow - the chef at the army camp. Killed by Clardy after telling Jeff a secret about him.

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