Word of Honor Study Guide

Word of Honor

Word of Honor by Nelson DeMille

  • Benjamin Tyson– The main protagonist of the novel. He is in his 40's and is a successful executive. He is humorous, cynical, intelligent, caring, and honorable. He is more conservative than his liberal wife.
  • Marcy McClure Tyson– Ben's wife. In the late 60's, she was a poster child for the liberal peace movement.
  • David Tyson– Ben's 16-year-old son.
  • Andrew Picard– The writer of "Hue: Death of a City," the book that illustrates the Misericorde Hospital Massacre and assigns blame on Ben Tyson, himself a veteran of the Marine Corps in Hue.
  • Karen Harper– The officer assigned by the Army to investigate whether charges should be brought against Ben Tyson. While performing her job, however, she begins to like Tyson.
  • Colonel Pierce– The main prosecutor attempting to convict Tyson of murder.
  • Colonel Sproule– 85-year-old judge of the Tyson court martial.
  • Steven Brandt– The medic in Tyson's platoon in Vietnam.
  • Richard Farley– One of the members of Tyson's platoon. He testifies against Tyson.
  • Colonel Gilmore– He presides over Tyson's article 32 investigation hearing (pre-trial hearing).
  • Vincent Corva– Tyson's defense attorney.
  • John McCormick– Tyson's neighbor. Tyson first finds out about Picard's book from seeing him read it.
  • Colonel Levin– Adjutant of the post that Tyson is ordered to stay at when he is recalled to duty.

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