Great Expectations Study Guide

Great Expectations

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations is a novel about a poor boy named Pip, who lives with his cruel sister and her blacksmith husband. After years of helping a wealthy reclusive woman named Miss Havisham, he receives a small fortune from an anonymous benefactor. After learning to live like a gentleman and many attempts to court Miss Havisham's daughter, Estella, Pip learns that his fortune was not from Miss Havisham, as he had assumed, but a convict he had helped save when he was a child.

Why is Pip an orphan?

  • His mother abandoned him
  • He ran away from home
  • His parents died
  • His parents threw him out

What motivates Pip to become a gentleman?

  • He does not want to become Joe's apprentice
  • Estella's criticisms of him
  • Miss Havisham tells him that he must become a gentleman
  • Uncle Pumblechook urges him to become a gentleman

Who are Estella's true parents?

  • Jaggers and Molly
  • Miss Havisham and Compeyson
  • Molly and Magwitch
  • Estella's parents are unknown

Who is Pip's secret benefactor?

  • Magwitch
  • Miss Havisham
  • Uncle Pumblechook
  • Jaggers

Who does Estella marry?

  • Pip
  • Bentley Drummle
  • Startop
  • Herbert Pocket

Who is Pip's best friend and companion in London?

  • Startop
  • Herbert Pocket
  • Matthew Pocket
  • Bentley Drummle

Why does Miss Havisham wear her wedding dress?

  • She is a crazy old woman obsessed with romance
  • It was made by a pricey designer
  • She was jilted by her lover on her wedding day
  • Her husband died tragically on their wedding day

From what does Pip save Miss Havisham?

  • Flood
  • Orlick
  • Flames
  • A murderer

What weapon does Mrs. Joe's murderer use?

  • Leg irons
  • A file
  • A club
  • A pistol

Who is Mrs. Joe's murderer?

  • Jaggers
  • Orlick
  • Pip
  • Drummle

For what crime is Pip arrested?

  • Arson
  • Murder
  • Debts
  • Robbery

What does young Pip bring to the convict in the marshes?

  • A loaf of bread
  • A jug of water
  • Food and a pistol
  • Food and a file

Who does Pip mistakenly believe is his benefactor?

  • Magwitch
  • Miss Havisham
  • Jaggers
  • Compeyson

Who is Pip's beloved?

  • Biddy
  • Sarah Pocket
  • Estella
  • Miss Havisham

Who is the pale young gentleman Pip first meets at Satis House?

  • Startop
  • Herbert Pocket
  • Drummle
  • Matthew Pocket

What does Uncle Pumblechook take wrongful credit for?

  • Herbert's success
  • Pip's success in school
  • Pip's rise in status
  • Estella's relationship to Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham advises Estella to:

  • Break their necks
  • Break their hearts
  • Marry Pip
  • Never marry

What does Pip aspire to become?

  • A rich merchant
  • An actor
  • A gentleman
  • A blacksmith

What career does Wopsle pursue in London?

  • Sales
  • Acting
  • Law
  • Teaching

Who does Biddy marry?

  • Joe Gargery
  • Pip
  • Herbert Pocket
  • Orlick

Who is the man lurking on Pip's stairs?

  • Compeyson
  • Orlick
  • Magwitch
  • Jaggers

Who does Wemmick marry?

  • Clara Barley
  • Miss Startop
  • Miss Skiffins
  • Miss Havisham

What is Joe Gargery's profession?

  • Cobbler
  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Carpenter

Who is Herbert's fiance?

  • Estella
  • Miss Skiffins
  • Clara Barley
  • Sarah

What is the name of Miss Havisham's manor?

  • Havisham Manor
  • Havisham House
  • Satis House
  • Veritas House

What is Jaggers' proffesion?

  • Teacher
  • Clerk
  • Lawyer
  • Judge

Who is Herbert's secret benefactor?

  • Pip
  • Magwitch
  • Jaggers
  • Wemmick

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