Still Life with Woodpecker Study Guide

Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins

  • Max– the deposed king, former gambler, sports fanatic, enemy of blackberry brambles, and father of Leigh-Cheri.
  • Leigh-Cheri– the former princess, an idealist, nature lover, and Ralph Nader supporter.
  • Queen Tilli– a former Queen, silly and simple by nature, who listens to opera and plays with her dog; her favorite Americanism is "oh-oh, spaghetti-o".
  • Gulietta– a maid who does not speak English, is dependent upon cocaine, and is a secret heir.
  • Bernard– known by the title, "Woodpecker", he has anarchist leanings, is a self-proclaimed outlaw, and employs explosives to destroy buildings; his mantra is "Yum".

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