Frankenstein Study Guide


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is presented as a frame tale, told by Captain Walton while on an expedition to the North Pole, where he finds Frankenstein. Frankenstein is a scientist who created a monstrous human-like Creature. The Creature tried to explain his murders to Frankenstein, claiming that people rejected and feared him, begging Frankenstein to make him a mate. Frankenstein first agrees then destroys the mate. The enraged Creature kills Frankenstein's wife, fleeing to the North Pole. After Frankenstein dies, Walton sees the Creature mourning as he floats away on a raft.

Where did Victor grow up?

  • Italy
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Switzerland!

What is Victor's mother's name?

  • Justine Frankenstein
  • Mary Shelley
  • Caroline Beaufort!
  • Elizabeth Beaufort

What does Victor study at university?

  • Social sciences
  • Literature
  • Botany
  • Natural philosophy!

Who helps Victor recover when he falls ill after creating the monster?

  • Henry Clerval!
  • Justine Moritz
  • Elizabeth Lavenza
  • Victor's mother

Whose letters open and close the story?

  • Victor's to Elizabeth
  • Alphonse's to Victor
  • Robert Walton's to his sister!
  • Caroline's to Beaufort

What is Victor's first reaction when his monster comes alive?

  • Victor hugs him
  • Victor yells at him in anger
  • Victor faints from horror
  • Victor flees his laboratory!

What is the name of the Frankenstein servant?

  • Elizabeth Lavenza
  • Justine Beaufort
  • Justine Moritz!
  • Safie DeLacey

Where does Victor drop the remains of his second creature?

  • At the monster's hut
  • Into a lake off the side of a boat!
  • In an unknown Scottish village
  • At the University of Ingoldstadt

What literary work does the monster read and enjoy while living in his hut near the cottage?

  • Plutarch's Lives
  • Paradise Lost
  • The Sorrows of Young Werther
  • All of the above!

What is the name of Victor's brother who is murdered?

  • Alphonse
  • Ernest
  • William!
  • Henry

What is the monster's one demand of Victor?

  • That Victor kill himself
  • That Victor create a companion for the monster!
  • That Victor give him Elizabeth as the monster's wife
  • That Victor convince the DeLaceys to take in the monster

What is the outcome of Justine's court trial?

  • She is found guilty and put to death!
  • She is found guilty and spends her life in prison
  • She is sentenced to death, but Felix DeLacey helps her escape
  • She is acquitted

Where does Victor attend university?

  • University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • University College of London, England
  • University of Ingoldstadt, Germany!
  • University of Berlin, Germany

Who were Victor's professors at university?

  • Krempe and Waldman!
  • Clerval and Krempe
  • DeLacey and Felix
  • Wempe and Kaldman

How does the monster learn about his own creation?

  • Through Elizabeth
  • From Victor's journal!
  • He observed Victor making another creature
  • Victor told him the story

Who brought the DeLacey family out of poverty?

  • Caroline Beaufort
  • Alphonse
  • Safie!
  • Felix

From what does Victor's mother die?

  • The monster murders her
  • Suicide
  • Accidental fall
  • Scarlet fever!

What natural mystery does Victor wish to figure out?

  • Electricity
  • How life is created!
  • How diseases are cured
  • How monsters work

When is Elizabeth murdered?

  • On the monster's birthday
  • When Victor destroys his second creature
  • On Elizabeth's wedding night!
  • On the monster's wedding night

What comforts Victor when he is most despairing?

  • Nature!
  • His laboratory
  • M. Krempe
  • His monster

How does the monster learn how to speak?

  • Agatha teaches him
  • From Victor's journal
  • By observing the DeLacey family!
  • By studying the Bible

Where is Robert Walton traveling toward?

  • The South Pole
  • The North Pole!
  • Ingoldstadt
  • Iceland

How does the monster murder his victims?

  • Suffocation
  • With a shotgun
  • Strangulation!
  • Starvation

To what character does the monster feel he is the most similar?

  • Adam
  • Werther
  • Victor
  • The fallen angel/Satan!

Where does the monster end up at the close of the novel?

  • In Geneva
  • He jumps off Walton's ship and disappears!
  • He rides a sledge northward
  • He remains with Walton on the ship

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